A shut up your face song

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a shut up your face song

Quote by Stephen King: “Teddy, Vern, Chris: I dont shut up. I grow up....”

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Published 01.12.2019

Joe Dolce - Shaddap You Face (Top Of The Pops 1981)

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Rated by some as the worst song ever written - Molly Meldrum walked out of the room when he first heard it - Shaddap You Face still sits unchallenged as the nation's top-selling single 25 years after its debut. Joe Dolce credits his infuriatingly catchy remembrance of his grandmother Pasquilina with having opened the door to a new generation of wog humour. And more. Dolce, who is giving a 25th anniversary show at the Enmore Theatre tonight, admits a lot of Italians still have a problem with his song - which went on to sell 2. But, rather than reinforcing a crude stereotype, Dolce likes to think his song helped Anglo Australians "to slightly abandon their caricatures when dealing with people and see that everyone could laugh about these things". Ultimately, he believes it allowed real Australian ethnic humour to come out, setting free a generation of comedians such as Vince Sorrenti, Nick Giannopoulos and Mary Coustas. When Shaddap You Face was No.

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We might cringe now, but that song went to number 1 on the charts all around the world. We know the line was effective - the audience laughed and clapped. I suspect the latter. Kevin Rudd does have the habit of talking on and on and on. Clearly focus groups have indicated that voters tune out and the Coalition are capitalising on that. To the extent that all is fair in love, war, political cartoons, and election campaigns that is all good. Tony Abbott has very dramatically highlighted a big negative for the PM.


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    Shaddap You Face" is a song written and performed by Joe Dolce about a fictitious rebellious . ISBN ^ Jump up to: Kent, David ( ).

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