Make your own cabinet of curiosities

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make your own cabinet of curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting and Understanding the Wonders of the Natural World by Gordon Grice

Exactly the book for every young explorer who loves finding stuff in nature and bringing it home. Cabinet of Curiosities is a lavishly illustrated introduction to the wonders of natural history and the joys of being an amateur scientist and collector.

Nature writer Gordon Grice, who started his first cabinet of curiosities at age six when he found a skunk’s skull, explains how scientists classify all living things through the Linnaeus system; how to tell real gold from fool’s gold; how to preserve butterflies, crab shells, feathers, a robin’s egg, spider specimens, and honeycombs; how to identify seashells; the difference between antlers and horns; how to read animal tracks. And then, what to do with your specimens, including how to build a cabinet of curiosities out of common household objects, like a desk organizer or a box for fishing tackle.
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How to Make a Curiosity Cabinet

Creating your own cabinet of wonder means all those little gems you've scooped up in your travels will have a home, and it's easier than it.
Gordon Grice

Building Your Own Morbid Cabinet of Curiosities

Beginning in the 16th Century, a Cabinet of Wonders was a cabinet or more often a room containing a collection of strange and curious items. I think it will be wonderful for the children to collect strange, and varied wonders for their cabinet. Things that would make you want to examine them further. Things to think about and investigate and have conversations about. You could to use it to introduce them to lots of new art and mathematical ideas.

Get a comfy chair, serve yourself a clean sit down elsewhere and flag away! It really is period for you yourself to have some fun!
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Curiosity cabinets celebrate the art of collecting unusual items. With a history stemming from elaborate Renaissance collections that showcased a love of science, curiosity cabinets have regained modern-day popularity, often through clever reinterpretations involving a dose of the unexpected. - Do you have a rock collection gathering dust in the back of your closet?

What inspires you most? Gaining popularity in 16 th century Europe, wunderkammer and wonder-rooms provided a way for curious collectors to display and share their favorite art, relics and treasures from the natural world. To start your own mini-museum, you need to choose a display cabinet or a bookcase. Check out antique medical cabinets if you prefer the look of metal to wood. Creating your cabinet is also a great chance to repurpose a piece of furniture you already have. Try repainting it or putting some wallpaper on the back of the shelves to breathe some new life into things. If your floor space is limited, think about creating a small wall-mounted cabinet.


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