The invisible man chapter wise question answers

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the invisible man chapter wise question answers

Oswaal CBSE The Invisible Man for Class 12 by H.G. Wells

• Original & Unabridged text along with chapter summary to enable quick revision.
• Includes Major & Minor Character Sketches at the beginning to enable better understanding of the plot.
• Includes Meanings of the Difficult Words for easy comprehension.
• Includes Short Questions for easy recapitulation of the text.
• Chapter-wise Questions & Answers are provided to make easy understanding of the chapter.
• Questions based on Plots, Themes, Character Sketches & Incidents are given in the end for exam oriented preparation.
• Simple & accurate language is used to enhance the comprehension of the novel.
• The book will enable the amalgamation of reading & writing skill of the students.
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The Invisible Man - Ch 1 - The strange men's arrival - In Hindi

Invisible Man Questions and Answers

Please share the worst part of the novel The Invisible man written by H. KD March 15, 22 comments. Griffin, the scientist, has discovered the formula of invisibility. So he enjoys certain advantages of invisibility. He can face a person, strike with whatever weapon he has, choose his point, and strike as he likes. He dreams of establishing a reign of terror.

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What happened thereafter? Cuss and Mr. Bunting went to the parlour and went through the belongings of the Invisible Man. They could find three large books labeled Diary, which were written in a code. They were unable to understand the content of the diary. Mr Cuss thought they were in some different language such as Greek.

The stranger arrived on a snowy winter day at the inn Coaches and Horse in the village of Iping. He came carrying a briefcase and almost staggered into the inn crying for shelter and warmth of fire. He threw two sovereigns on the table as the rent without any haggling. His appearance somewhat startled the hostess Mrs Hall but she was extremely pleased because getting a visitor in harsh winter months was quite rare. What made her happier was the fact that he paid her a handsome amount without striking any bargain. She tried her best to please the visitor by providing him food and comfort she also tried to make some polite conversation but the visitor did not want to interact much with anyone.



  1. Christin W. says:

    Mar 4, The Invisible Man (novel) is important for CBSE class 12 students who are. INVISIBLE MAN HG Wells AglaSem Schools. It was February when the stranger arrived at the “Coach and Horses” inn in Iping.

  2. Aynkan C. says:

    QA The Invisible Man Chapter | The Invisible Man

  3. Dielle C. says:

    It has science, imagination, messages, adventure, murders, excitement and curiosity.

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