Phantom of the opera puns

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phantom of the opera puns

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Published 09.10.2019

Phantom Puns

Okay, so, I know that I'm always fangirling about the Phantom of the Opera to my friends who don't give a single damn about this musical, but here I can let it all out! What are some of your favorite Phantom jokes that your friends just don't get? Into Phantom Of The Opera?.

Post your horrible broadway puns

Explorations of Disney's Haunted Mansion. Ruminations and revelations concerning the history and artistry of the Disney parks' richest and most eccentric masterpiece. Very good post and great images! These figures do tend to be "overlooked", I think, in the larger scheme of the attraction by certainly the general Joe Q. But then, there is a lot going on in the graveyard. And a shame about the WDW singing track replacement In addition, upon listening to the audio track, they do both sound rather unhinged indeed.

Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. It'll be called Black in Back. Why do pirates listen to opera music? Because they love the high Cs. I had to break up with my opera singer girlfriend

May 26, Phantom of the Opera jokes @Jessamine Greer this could like totally be us xD.
its hard to be a gangster

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I just thought this might be fun. I was very disapointed. Here's the reason why, I thought the show was a musical version of "Silence of the Lambs," but when the show began, I discovered I was totally wrong. I think you should inform the public what is specifically "Hannibal. Sincerly, a former guest.


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    Here are a few: Wicked is wicked good.

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