Dougal the deep sea diver story

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dougal the deep sea diver story

How the Other Half Dies by Susan George

I wish that the issues and power struggles described in this book from the 80s were long gone from our society today. That does not appear to be the case sadly. This book was very eye-opening and sets the stage for the economic terrorism that are detailed in books such as Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

What [self-reliance] does mean is making maximum use of ones own resources--including people--before calling on external aid, and regaining the capacity to choose and to take initiatives with the ultimate goal of standing on ones own feet. The choices will necessarily include where one wants to go, how fast, and at what economic and social cost.

The market is supposed, with a kind of cybernetic majesty, to set prices through the inexorable forces of supply and demand. Our vocabulary conforms to the myth when we say that prices rise as if prices were the only available subject of the verb to rise and as if no human actors could possibly be involved in raising them. These actors exist, however, and although they are not yet always able to put prices up and sustain them at optimum (for them) levels, they are rapidly progressing towards this goal.
A former President of the FAO Council, referring to the targets for world grain production in the 1950 and 1960s, complained that as soon as production approached quantities equivalent to effective demand, markets become clogged with alleged surpluses. These annoyed governments far more than insufficient food levels did. In the EEC, governments practice intervention buying on a broad scale when gluts threaten to drive prices down. They also destroy food by the hundreds of tons to keep it off the market if need be.

Agribusiness is harmful to small, family-type farms and to consumers in the affluent countries, but it is no less harmful to ordinary working people who happen to get in the way of corporate rationalization of production or the free flow of capital. It is not rational, for instance, to produce pineapple in Hawaii if cannery workers are going to make unreasonable demands-- like being paid half as much as workers in other U.S. industries. So Del Monte and Dole have shifted part of their pineapple growing to the Phillipines and to Thailand where a worker gets $1.20 a day for eight hours work. This does not mean that the price of a can of pineapple goes down.

The result of teaching the people that their traditional foods are somehow inferior is what one nutritionist has called commerciogenic malnutrition. If a profit is to be made, one cannot stop to consider at whose expense this will be the case. If an already undernourished person can be made to want junk food, this is not the comapnies problem.

1807 William Hazlitt replying to Parson Malthus....the dogs and horses of the rich eat up the food of the children of the poor.
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A deep sea dive into Bermuda’s hidden depths

Buy Dougal's Deep-sea Diary (Bartram, Simon Series) by Simon Bartram (ISBN: Manfish: A Story of Jacques Cousteau by Jennifer Berne Paperback £ Dougal has a very boring job but very interesting hobby - deep-sea diving - and.
Susan George

Dougal's Deep-sea Diary

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May 1, This week Year 2 wrote a story about Dougal the deep sea diver. Each day the children were shown a different picture from the book by Simon.
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No catches, no fine print just unconditional book loving for your children with their favourites saved to their own digital bookshelf. Elizabeth Laird. Valentina Giannella. Written by Simon Bartram. Illustrated by Simon Bartram. Part of the Bartram, Simon Series Series.


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    Dougal's Deep-sea Diary The follow-up to Man on the Moon, fe. his holiday in which he will no longer be 'little old Dougal' but 'Dougal the deep-sea diver! This is a simple story of how an ordinary man goes on an extraordinary adventure.

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