The summary of the egypt game

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the summary of the egypt game

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

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The Egypt Game Book Review

The Egypt Game Overview

April Hall has been sent to live with her paternal grandmother, Caroline Hall. Although she misses her mother, Dorothea, and longs for the time when she can return to her, April knows she must make the best of the situation. Not long after moving in with her grandmother, April meets a fellow sixth-grader named Melanie Ross. A fast friendship is formed when the two girls discover they share a vivid imagination and love for inventing stories and making up games. Of particular interest to both girls is ancient Egypt, and both Melanie and April spend time learning about Egypt and its ceremonies after finding a hidden storage yard in which to play.

How It All Goes Down

A strange old man, The Professor runs a store named A-Z Antiques , selling all sorts of strange things. It is mentioned that both the children and adults have a vague fear of the man, his appearance and stare creating discomfort. On an early September day, while searching for an item in a storeroom, the Professor looks out the window and notices three children playing in an abandoned, weed-grown storage yard behind the shop. Even he is disvtracted by customers from time to time, he keeps returning to observe the scene. The three children, April Hall , Melanie Ross and Marshall Ross zoives a temple in a shed in the yard using the items they find close by porch pillars, a statue of Diana, a bust or Nefertiti, a broken birdbath and pull the weeds.

When the book opens up, a girl named April Hall has moved to a California college town to stay with her grandmother because her aspiring actress mother, Dorothea, is going on tour. April is about as thrilled by this turn of events as she would be by a few hundred mosquito bites and a bowl of broccoli. But it ends up being not quite that bad. She befriends an African-American girl in her apartment building named Melanie, and her little brother Marshall. They all bond over a shared love of history books, especially about ancient Egypt.


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