Tree of the mimosa family

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tree of the mimosa family

The Mimosa Tree by Antonella Preto

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Albizia julibrissin - Silk Tree (Mimosa)

Trees of the Mimosa Family. The variety of Mimosa trees belong to the Mimosoideae family of shrubs, which is in itself, part of the Fabaceae family of plants.
Antonella Preto

Mimosa – The Wonderful, Awful Weed

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When anyone asks me what's the best time to prune a mimosa, my instinctive response is, "Any time you can find a chainsaw. That's very judgmental of me, I know, but heck, that's pretty much my job. And mimosa is one of those plants you either love or you hate. I hate it now. But I used to love it. Its leaves were like ferns. Its flowers were pink puffballs.

Silk tree, also known as mimosa, or silky acacia, is a small to medium-sized tree that can grow up to feet tall.
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Mimosa Tree Seedling Update (3 Weeks)

Albizia julibrissin Persian silk tree , pink silk tree is a species of tree in the family Fabaceae , native to southwestern and eastern Asia. The genus is named after the Italian nobleman Filippo degli Albizzi , who introduced it to Europe in the midth century, and it is sometimes incorrectly spelled Albizzia. Albizia julibrissin was described by Antonio Durazzini. Albizia julibrissin is known by a wide variety of common names, such as Persian silk tree or pink siris. It is also called Lenkoran acacia or bastard tamarind , though it is not too closely related to either genus.

Mimosa is a small tree with widely spreading branches, a short trunk, and a broad, flat-topped crown. Leaves emerge in spring. Bark is smooth, tight, blotched gray and sometimes brownish on young growth; pores large and conspicuous. Twigs are moderately stout, green to brown or gray, somewhat fluted below nodes where leaves attach , often zigzag, smooth; pores small, numerous. Invades disturbed areas along roadsides, edges of woods, old fields, and open vacant lots. Also grown in landscape plantings. Mimosa is planted for its fluffy pink summer flowers.


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