The bravest person i know

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the bravest person i know

Quote by Harper Lee: “She was the bravest person I ever knew.”

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Published 18.09.2019

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My mother learned to ice skate at age 38, wobbling along on the ice alongside her toddler that would be me. She competed in an age group with many women who had skated as children or who had begun at far younger ages. She never, to my memory, got a gold medal. She never seemed to care; I have photo after photo of her standing on the second- or third-place box, holding her medal and her flowers and literally glowing. At some point, around age 55, she decided to take up ballroom dancing. She enrolled in weekly classes, learning how to salsa and cha-cha and do the Argentine tango. Five years ago, having never in her life played an instrument, she decided to learn how to play piano.

I can already imagine you at the end of the year, what you will do and what you will probably say. The people you will send greetings to, the prayers you will probably utter, and maybe even the tears you decide to shed. I can tell and I know what I think is pretty accurate, too, because I got to know you so well this year. I laughed with you in the fun moments, and stayed up with you on nights that you need to finish things to make sure things go well. I saw you with your friends, and I saw how you cared for them and defended them sometimes almost to a fault.

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Words don't seem enough sometimes You must be incredibly proud to have such a very very special Daughter. My thoughts go out to you and your family. Much Love x. Your daughter's art and craftwork is wonderful, and what dedication to move onto stamping once painting became more difficult.


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