Your lie in april miyazono

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your lie in april miyazono

Kaori Miyazono Quotes

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Your Lie In April - Kaori miyazono ( Valentines memorial )

Ryota Watari

Watari has medium-length light brown hair that is slightly swept to the right which makes him to look easygoing and approachable and light caramel brown eyes. He is known for being good looking, which he uses to his advantage. Watari is of average height and build for a junior high student his age. He is also quite lean. His uniform is to be pictured slightly disheveled, as his tie is loose around his neck and his shirt not being tucked in, making girls swoon for him.

The english translation of the manga was first published on July 7, It was written by Naoshi Arakawa and published by Kodansha. There are currently 11 volumes in the manga series. The anime adaptation was released on October 9, Piano prodigy Kousei Arima dominated the competition, and all child musicians knew his name. But after his mother, who was also his instructor, passed away, he had a mental breakdown while performing at a recital that resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of his piano, even though his hearing was perfectly fine.

Kaori was a beautiful girl in her early teens with long wavy waist-length blonde hair and pale indigo eyes. Her height was average for her age while her body is noted as frail and delicate. Following Kaori's hospitalization, her hair color and skin color began to fade into a duller hue. As a little girl, she wore a pink dress and her hair was at chin-length. During her early years of Junior High, she wore glasses with thick black rims and tied her hair into two low pigtails.

Kaori Miyazono (宮園 かおり Miyazono Kaori) was the main female protagonist of Sawabe was close friends with Kousei, she had trouble getting his attention.
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About Kaori Miyazono Casual Dress ver Your Lie in April Figure

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Kousei is a teenage boy with short, messy black hair which sprawls across his forehead. He has dark blue eyes. Kousei dons a pair of glasses with thick black rims. He mainly wears his Sumiya Junior High School uniform, which consists of a red-and-white-striped necktie, blue dress shirt, grey trousers, grey blazer, and brown loafers. When competing in piano competitions, Kousei wears a cobalt blue suit and a royal blue necktie. His casual attire consists of t-shirts that feature english quotes e. He usually wears tucked in dress shirts for informal occasions.

When his mother Saki dies suddenly, he has a mental breakdown while performing at a piano recital which resulted in him no longer being able to hear the sound of his piano even though his hearing was perfectly fine. At first Kaori says that she is anaemic and just needs some routine testing, but this is revealed to be a lie when flashes of her past reveal her collapsing and bleeding many times before. However, Kaori fails to show up on the day of the Gala, and as her health deteriorates, she begins to give up on life. After shedding tears and listening to it, Kaori opts for a risky surgery that may kill her if it fails, just so that she can play with him one more time. While playing in the finals of the Eastern Japan Piano Competition, Kosei sees Kaori's spirit accompanying him and eventually realizes that she has died during the surgery. The letter reveals that she was aware that she was about to die, so she became more free-spirited, both as a person and in her music, in order to not take her regrets to Heaven. A spin-off manga titled Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Coda was bundled with the release of the Blu-ray release of the anime series.


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