Simple commands to teach your puppy

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simple commands to teach your puppy

Essential Commands To Teach Your Puppy and Dog: Simple and Effective Ways to Teach Your Puppy and Dog Commands That Can Save His Life by William Pual

What is the most important thing when you are a dog owner? Providing your puppy safety. But how to do this? You are not always by his side. The answer is simple, training.

Training your puppy will mentally and physically stimulate him. This will prevent accidents and keep your puppy healthy and happy all of the time. Well, training is not just for showing off your lovely puppy to other people, but it is about bonding and building a stronger relationship that will last for a lifetime.

However, there are many ways to train your puppy, but one of the most productive ones is positive reinforcement training. This prohibits any type of negative reinforcements, no yelling, hitting or anything similar. In fact, I can’t image how some people even try to hit them.

You will learn how simple is to use positive reinvestment training. Wondering what to do if he presents negative behavior? Ignore him but after he corrects the unwanted behavior rewards follow. Simple, right? Well, the commands training that you will get in this book are based on this principle and are simple and very effective.

One more thing, you will learn how anxiety can affect your dog’s behavior and how to deal with it in the best natural way possible.

In this book:

- How to Prepare for Training
- Learn why it is important to train your pup
- Basic Commands
- Leash training
- Biting? Barking? What now?!
- How “Leave it” can save his life
- “Touch” a Commands to focus your pup
- Guarding his food and toys aggressively? Learn how to prevent it.
- How anxiety can affect his behavior and how to fight anxiety

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How to Train your Puppy 6 Tricks in 1 Day!

Proper training and socialization are among your dog's basic needs. It's important to start training your dog as soon as possible. The truth is that training your dog is a very big project.
William Pual

How to Train Your Dog

Obedience training will not only teach your puppy to behave better, it will keep them safe. It is never too late for dogs to learn, but the earlier they learn, the better. First, obedience training helps pets adjust to family life. It helps socialize dogs, who are pack members by nature. It will teach them how to interact with their owners, environments, and strangers.

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The first thing a dog needs to learn is the essential discipline and respect that is wholly defined by the energy and basic directions the owner gives to his dog — however a dog that is disciplined needs also a basic training that any owner can offer him as a form of avoiding dogs behavioral problems that he might end up being in. Keep in mind, the following commands, if appropriately applied by the Dog owner can be very fun for the dog and the owner too as well as will make both lives easier and lot more enjoyable. Repeat this exercise several times daily until the dog is adequately trained at this. Try to avoid using a treat as a distraction when the dog learns the practice, only use it as a reward. This is another command that can be taught by putting the dog a treat close to his nose to smell it better , moving the treat up — so he will follow the treat. Then the exercise must be repeated until the dog learns the command appropriately. This command is particularly necessary because through it you can prevent annoying dog behaviors such as dog stopping by to get in trouble with other dogs in the street, jumping on people when going for a walk.


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    If your dog is having behavioral issues, South Boston Animal Hospital has five basic obedience commands your dog should learn.

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