Leaving home david french summary

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leaving home david french summary

Leaving Home by David French

The first play in the Mercer trilogy, taking place in their Toronto home as the family is planning a wedding for their youngest child. Their slightly older son is planning on leaving home but is terrified of letting his father know this secret. Theres so much in this play that really sets a tone of a family so far from their home in Newfoundland, while trying to keep it close to their heart. The strife between father and son and how a mother works to prevent that divide is heartbreaking, but becomes such an integral part of this beautiful play. This is the weakest of the three plays but sets a tone for those to follow.
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David French on playwriting, the opening of Leaving Home, rehearsals, and family (Part 2 of 7)

LEAVING HOME BY DAVID FRENCH: SUMMARY. David French. LEAVING HOME is a two act play written by DAVID FRENCH. Set: The light.
David French

Leaving Home by David French

Leaving Home [1] is a drama in two acts by Canadian playwright David French. It has been credited with introducing a unique Canadian voice to the world, and with proving that "Canadian playwrights could write plays on Canadian subjects and people would flock to see them. First written as a television play, French offered the work to Glassco after seeing his production of David Freeman's Creeps. French describes the experience: "I asked him to read my play. He did.

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Dear,I need this play urgent in soft form. Kindly help me out if you can. Thanking you Dear. He is the auther of many books, main David French. The light set outs in working class house.

Join Now. The key character is the patriarchal father, Jacob, a man obsessed with making his two sons good reflections of himself. A complex man, sometimes compassionate and often contradictory. He inspires rebellion in sons. Billy and Ben Wife Mary remains loyal to her husband but wants her sons to be free to go their own way. The crisis takes place when Billy, the younger son, is about to be married to Kathy, pregnant and of another religion But a greater shock is in store for Jacob son Ben tells him he is leaving home and going to rent a room at the young newlywed's place. Oedipal conflicts explode that marriage eve and the family is never the same again "The lacerating quality of inter family warfare carries both superb comedy and powerful emotional force


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    Leaving Home is a drama in two acts by Canadian playwright David French. The work is the first presented of what has come to be known as the Mercer Plays.

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