Setting of uncle toms cabin

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setting of uncle toms cabin

Uncle Toms Cabin Quotes by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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The True Story Behind 'Uncle Tom's Cabin,' The Book that Rocked Pre-Civil War America

Uncle Tom's Cabin

The book begins in the midth century on the Shelby plantation in Kentucky, where Uncle Tom lives in a cabin with his wife and children. After fellow slave Eliza, the "favorite" of Mrs. Shelby, learns that her son is being sold, she flees north up through Ohio and on to Canada with her husband, also an escaped slave. Although in the northern states were "free states," thanks to the Fugitive Slave Act of , masters could track down runaway slaves in the north, recapture them, and send them south. Canada, as part of the British Commonwealth, which had abolished slavery in all of its territories by , could provide protection for refugee slaves crossing its southern borders.

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The masses in the northern U. The book thus became one of the causes of the American Civil War. Type of Work and Style. Uncle Tom's Cabin is a novel of social protest. Author Harriet Beecher Stowe uses third-person point of view, but she sometimes interrupts the narration to speak directly to the reader in second-person point of view. Purely as a literary work, Uncle Tom's Cabin is average at best, relying primarily on sentimentality and melodrama to appeal to the readers. However, the themes in the novel are powerful, and they had an enormous impact on the slavery issue in Stowe's day.


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