Does lele pons have a brother

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does lele pons have a brother

Surviving High School by Lele Pons

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I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

I remember seeing Surviving High School by Lele Pons and Melissa de la Cruz at the bookstore I work at and being excited because it looked like a fun and quirky read. Well, I finally got my hands on a copy and the book is definitely quirky, but in no way fun.

At first, I wanted to give this book the benefit of the doubt. I know, from my limited knowledge of her videos, that Pons is an awkward comic who puts herself in certain situations for a laugh. This translated strangely into her novel, but rather than being endearing and comedic, it was just plain awkward and frustrating.

The first thing I want to focus on is the protagonist herself, who is also named Lele. When the first line comments on her physical appeal, I thought that she was being ironic or obviously joking, but as the novel continues and fails to change all the way through to the end, I realized that maybe, just maybe (and I mean 99.9 %) this character is completely full of herself. Instead of appearing quirky, the character acts completely conceited before shes famous and even more so afterwards.

You might say, But Dayla, thats part of the character growth! But heres the bit that I just cant believe: there is basically no character growth, whatsoever. The only way we can distinguish any change is by Lele mentioning that shes the 2.0-9.0 version of herself, but honestly? Shes just as conceited and immature at the end as she is at the beginning.

The immature nature of this novel only brings to focus the attempts at humour. Lele (The character) prides herself on being different and weird and acts accordingly, but instead of seeing someone adorable or charming, I saw someone who was trying way too hard to be funny. I honestly couldnt understand how her crush didnt react more realistically to her random outbursts. I also dont honestly understand how someone like this character can become so popular--but hey, fame, right?

The side characters were treated as just that--sides. We barely get any information regarding Leles friends, other than that one is hot, foreign, and has a little sister, and the other is black, smart, and sassy. This is truly a one-girl show. Her so-called rival is someone who is explained away using Latino stereotypes and petty jealousy, while the other girls are shown to be self-centered, sex-obsessed, rich girls. Dont even get me started on the amount of shit Lele got away with when it came to her parents. At the risk of countering a point I just made, I will pull from my own experiences as a Latina: I find it interesting that the common stereotype of us liking Reggaeton is introduced, but not that of strict parents. If I did half the stuff this girl does at her age, my parents would have had me locked up for life. Its just so unrealistic and strange.

One of my main concerns with this novel is that it has no apparent storyline. Events happen, but what are they leading towards? Yes, she gets a bunch of followers, but what is actually happening? Where is this going? There is no real character growth, there is a barely there climax, and theres laughable conflicts. Even the romance is lackluster. The whole story felt like it lost steam before it began and was just a series of then this happened, then this happened, etc. Each chapter read like a Vine: a few pages of randomness that struggled to be cohesive. I know that this book is introduced as a fictional memoir, but holy hell, even those have basic storylines--especially because its fiction.

Surviving High School is a very quick read, but mainly because I spent most of my time scanning the pages. I was so bored at one point and frustrated that I just wanted it to end.

Everyone has different interests and should read whatever the hell they want, but I strongly recommend either reading the first few pages at the bookstore before you buy it, or borrow it from the library. This is an expensive book with very little story told from the perspective of an entitled and self-centered teenager.

Happy reading!
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Well, she is a young internet personality who is best known for being the first Viner ever to garner one billion loops.
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