Should i read the walking dead comics

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should i read the walking dead comics

The Walking Dead, Book Four by Robert Kirkman

Spoilers folks:

Ok, so wow. Just wow. And Im not sure that is all a good thing. This is just one heartbreaking event after another, and at a certain point you have to wonder if this is just an exercise in seeing just how far the characters (and the reader) can be pushed before they snap ( give up the series)

We start off this volume seeing how the crew has settled into some sort of domestic normalcy. Lori and Rick seemed to have come to terms with her one time infidelity( I mean, come ON! It was the end of the world for Christsakes! Let it be already!) and Glenn and Maggie take a shot at marriage, and possibly a baby. Speaking of babies, little baby Judy enters the world via the quickest delivery ever. Carl likes his sister. Carol seems semi balanced considering she tried to off herself recently, and Michone is shell shocked but being comforted by tyrese. Everyone goes home a winner.

But underneath it all things are not what they seem. Carol cries in the middle of the night. Dale looses his foot after a botched gasoline run. And theres still the threat of the governor. The other shoe is just waiting to drop. And drop it does.

It all starts with carol going off the deep end and committing suicide by zombie. Right after that the governor shows up and shoots a bit even though he has a tank and then gets so overwhelmed by the ten people there that he runs off again. Maybe the babys cries scared him off? I dunno, it was sort of scary but from here on out it just became a weird odd cycle of the governor attacks then leaves but ooooh he might return and then OH he DOES return and rinse, spin, repeat. The Govn. Is crazier and crazier as the novel goes on, more and more unbalanced and enraged, though I guess I would be too if someone cut off my dick. It just got a bit comic bookish, if ya know what I mean.

The last few moments were really tough. I knew alot of people were going to die, but as I type this, I am struggling to remember if theres anyone left besides Rick and Carl. Damn Carl, of all people! Lori and the baby bit it in one shotgun blast, Andrea got flipped over the RV, and if shes still around after that AND the gunshot wound to the head, Im out. Tyrese got his head chopped off, and Herschel waited for death. Oh, wait Michone is still squirreled away in Woodbury. Or is she? Im still trying to understand how she got away in her last scuffle and why the governor was just like oh fuck it, I dont care about her anymore, lets go make our ( third) last stand at the prison. Sigh.

Also I have to repeat a bit if another review here with what the hell is wrong with all of the women in this series? On the surface they are all badass and strong, gun toting amazons, but are just one breath away from sewing, cooking, or wondering if their ass looks too fat in riot gear, eventhough they hold down the fort and are sharp shooters. And off course, all of them are like yeah, lets have a BABY! Cause Lori made it look super fun with no formula or medical care. Wtf.

Still loved reading it, cant wait for the next but I was a bit stumped by some of the ruthlessness in this one.
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5 Reasons You Should Be Reading The Walking Dead Comics

Should you read the source material? With so many shows and movies being converted from books or graphic novels, the opportunity is almost always there. A Song of Ice and Fire readers know nearly all the biggest twists of the show, as so far, the HBO adaptation sticks pretty close to the books.
Robert Kirkman

Should You Be Reading The Walking Dead Comic?

But if you haven't picked up the books the series is based on, you ain't seen nothin' yet. You may not think it's possible for more crazy stuff to be going on in these plus issues than in the six seasons of the show. But you don't know what Robert Kirkman, writer of the comics and producer of the show, is capable of doing. See also: What in the bloody hell just happened on 'The Walking Dead'? Since we're coming up on the season finale, where fans will finally get to see the legendary Negan in the flesh, it's important to understand the source material — and give some credit where it's due. If you've never thought to pick up these books because you didn't think they could give you the same adrenaline rush you're used to getting on Sunday nights, prepare to be astonished.

I heard that the comics are what the show is based on and is canon to the Telltale Series with Lee, Clementine, Javier, Kenny and all those awesome characters from the video games. However, are the comics really worth reading? I forgot to mention that black and white often throws me off. Plus, people say that Negan is so much cooler in the comics than the show. Since he is one of my favourite characters, that's another thing that got me curious to check it out. The comics are pretty good up until and beyond; so if you want to read it, then you should.

Every year, during the down time between The Walking Dead seasons, or during its mid-season break, I get asked by readers whether or not they should read the comics. The Walking Dead is about to enter a new era. The first path forward is to read the comics only up until the point where the show currently is. At this point, we are pretty much exactly at issue 83, where Alexandria is overrun by walkers, and Rick, Carl and the others are trying to creep their way through the horde. For a while there, the comics and the show diverged dramatically , as the show invented entirely new plotlines that simply were never in the comics, from Terminus to the hospital.


Below are the numerous ways you can read your favorite zombie apocalypse series:. An issue is a page comic book that comes out every month. These are the best and quickest way to consistently keep up with the story. Additionally, each issue exclusively contains previews of our other Skybound comics along with Letter Hacks, where creator Robert Kirkman and editor Sean Mackiewicz thoughtfully and hilariously answer fan questions. Hardcover Books contain two volumes, or 12 individual issues, and only come out once a year typically in the Fall. Omnibuses are over-sized collected editions which are hardcover and contain four volumes, two hardcover books, or 24 issues.


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    I am sorry if this question was already asked, I just could not find it. I know the show is heavily based on the comics but I still would like to.

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    The Walking Dead comic is an exercise in frustration, but also can be a worthwhile Or you can read the comics up until the point where the show has reached.

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    'The Walking Dead' comics will stress you out way more than the show

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