Treat your body like a temple meaning

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treat your body like a temple meaning

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Treat Your Body Like A Temple -- Lesson 1 -- Scriptures

Treat Your Body Like a Temple

If you allow yourself to think about situations, people, or yourself in a derogatory way, it will taint the holiest aspect of your temple: your mind. Regular meditation, even if it is only for a few minutes a day, will allow you to more easily control the type of thoughts you create. If you were to make an offering at a temple, you would not go about finding the cheapest morsel to show your respects. You should frequently be eating leafy greens, while consuming processed foods and animal products at a very minimal amount. It remembers to breathe and keep your heart beating, it permits you mobility and allows you to feel both the pleasures and pains of your life.

Or maybe you've heard the flip side of it- treat your body like an amusement Treat Your Body Like a Temple- Your body is a temple- You are the temple of God. . Treat Your Body Like a Temple – The Why and the Meaning.
importance of enthusiasm in life

2. Create a luxurious post-shower routine.

The truth is, it is really difficult to hate something you take really good care of. If you are someone who struggles with your body image, or with loving your body, you may be waiting until your body changes or looks better before you will start to treat it with love and respect. Like the saying goes, if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. When you really do not like your body, you are most likely not treating it as though it is the body you want—and in essence, you continue to create this body that you do not want. If, on the other hand, you start to behave as though you have a body that you love, you set yourself up to create just that—both in your mind and in your physical reality.


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