Turn your body into a diamond

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turn your body into a diamond

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The human body contains 18% carbon, whilst diamonds are pure carbon. Cremation diamonds Carbon is the base for turning cremation ashes into diamonds.

Dead people and pets are being forged into sparkling blue diamonds — here's how

Cremation diamonds from ashes are made of g 8 oz cremation ashes or 10 g human hair 0. These "cremation diamonds" also known as "memorial diamonds", derived from human ashes and are GIA and IGI certified diamonds out of ashes. Our process of transforming your loved one's cremation ashes into diamonds takes between 3 to 9 months, depending on the size and colour of the cremation diamond ordered. One cremation diamond can take between 6 to 9 months to make from the order procedure until the delivery to the client. Cremation diamonds are real diamonds, made from love ones' cremated ashes or hair, that can be graded the same to natural diamonds.

This procedure is called high-pressure-high-temperature-one-crystal-synthesis. Our diamond synthesis process is outlined in the eight stages below:. During cremation, most carbon escapes as carbon dioxide and the cremation ashes contain only one to five percent carbon. In the process of transforming ashes to diamonds, our laboratory isolates this carbon from the vast range of chemical elements present in the cremation ashes. Following the example set by nature, this isolated carbon is used as the foundation for the diamond growth. One pound of cremated remains or ten grams of hair is required to synthesize one or more cremation diamonds.

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Granddad was always the heart and soul of any party — his irrepressible sense of fun and humor rubbed off on each of his three grandchildren. But every party ends some time and when Granddad died, we decided to commemorate his life by creating three sparkling diamond rings from his ashes for his grandchildren to wear.

Heart In Diamond is proud to be the only certified manufacturer to create genuine cremation diamonds at its own laboratory. It means, our customers order guaranteed quality for competitive prices. If you would like to order more than one diamond, please contact us to get your individual full package discount. Turning ashes to diamonds is a unique way to keep your deceased loved one close. Once people have that sparkling gem in their hands, they regularly report a sense of peace and satisfaction that helps to make their grief easier. And as they wear those memorial diamonds, they feel as if their loved one is comfortingly close. However, because ashes are being turned into precious diamonds, some people worry that a funeral diamond is out of their reach.


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