Haunted hotel in kuala lumpur

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haunted hotel in kuala lumpur

Meredith (Kuala Lumpur, 14, Malaysia)’s review of Mr Majeika and the Haunted Hotel

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Published 23.08.2019

HAUNTED ABANDONED SCHOOL at Night - WARNING Very Scary - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Many urban legends has sprung up from these places, with numerous people claiming to have witnessed unusual activity, experienced hair-raising incidents, or even possessed by spirits themselves. Mimaland was a water theme park opened way back in , in Gombak, Selangor. It proved quite popular among the locals at the time, with many heading there for family time and school trips.
Humphrey Carpenter

Definitely haunted! - Hotel Maya Kuala Lumpur

Haunted Hotels in Malaysia is an article created for those who strongly believe in the supernatural world. Over here in Malaysia, ghosts, spirits and demons are quite common to the locals where they appear in all sorts of forms based on the religion. For example, the Malay ghost would appear in the form of a Pontianak, Toyol or Jin where else for the Chinese ghost, it will appear in the form of their own language. This article is however not to tarnish the names or the businesses but just to give an idea of some of the haunted hotels in Malaysia or Hotel yang Berhantu in the Malay language especially for those who strongly believe in the supernatural. Here is the list broken down by states in Malaysia and some of the encounters, rooms or floors mentioned;. This happened to a girlfriend of mine who used to stay at the New York Hotel when she has business trips to Johor Bahru. Advertisement Haunted Hotels in Cameron Highlands.

The hotel is good. Don't be put off by my title- embrace it and test my theory by staying here. How many hotels can you stay at where you will get this experience? I stayed here for three days and did not sleep a wink yet bizarrely I was not tired. I am the last person to believe this type of nonsense but yet, here I am. Whilst I was staying here I knew something was going on but I could not quite put my finger on it.

For all those travelers looking for the haunted mansion experience this is the ideal place. With fungus growing the the bathrooms to cockroaches crawling over you in bed just makes it feel out of a horror movie. The television in the room looks like it has been picked out from a junk shop. In this day and age its a hotel which charges 5RM per hour for internet. The eerie feeling while walking down the corridors from the elevator to the room with water seepage all along the corridor walls adds to the haunted experience. Of course the stale smell, musty carpets and non responsive hotel staff just adds to the wonderfully haunted experience.

Mimaland, Gombak

Malaysia has had its fair share of trauma, just like any other country. Some of it goes unresolved to this day. If you're an enthusiastic ghost-hunter, or just a guy who wants to know more about our country's history, here are a few places you'll want to check out. This resort hotel is said to be haunted by the ghosts of suicide victims who lost everything at the casino. Children cry and refuse to go near parts of the hotel. Healthy guests fall ill for no apparent reason.


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