Father to son poem summary

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father to son poem summary

Father and Son by Langston Hughes

A Vintage Shorts “Short Story Month” Selection
Colonel Norwood is the despotic owner of Big House Plantation, where he lives alone but for the occasional company of his black mistress, Coralee Lewis. But this summer, a new breeze is blowing in with the warm Georgia wind—his son is coming home.

From the publication of his first book in 1926, Langston Hughes was hailed as the poet laureate of black America. In “Father and Son,” Hughes reveals himself to be a writer of prose just as lasting as his poetry, and one of the true icons of modern American letters. The staggering final story in the collection The Ways of White Folks.

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Father To Son by Elizabeth Jennings ( A tutorial for CBSE CLASS 11 students )

Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings

The poem speaks about the problem of growing old and apart that happens between loved ones, especially fathers and their sons. The lack of communication and appreciation creates a rift that seems to increase with time. This leads to hostility, anger, frustration and emotional grief. The poetess tries to advice all the fathers and sons to find each other even when they seem to be distant and live together and in tranquillity. The poem starts with the perspective of a father who is worried that his son is growing distant. He wants to think of him as his young boy but the boy wants to act older and independent. He has always tried to build a strong relationship based on trust and care.

It is a fact that every generation has to go through. Whether you are elder to your sister or younger to your brother, the clash of generation gap continues. While the father finds fault in his own son, it is the father who is actually blamed. Where the father shows his incapability to understand his son, he, at the same time, reveals several unknown facts about his son. This makes the situation of lack-of-understanding more ironical. In this first stanza of the poem, Father to Son by Elizabeth Jennings, the poet shows father saying that he has not succeeded in understanding his son because, he himself could not grow up with his son. This might be because when the son was growing differently, the father might have been busy in his chores, and would have kept himself aloof from the changes taking place in the outer world.

The father complains that he does not understand his own child. Though they have lived together for so many years now i.
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Father to Son. By Elizabeth Jennings.

Father to Son. By Elizabeth Jennings. I do not understand this child Though we have lived together now In the same house for years. I know Nothing of him, so try to build Up a relationship from how He was when small. Yet have I killed The seed I spent or sown it where The land is his and none of mine?



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