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break up quotes tumblr pictures

Break Up Quotes (220 quotes)

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Published 15.08.2019

Deep Tumblr Quotes #Emotional

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Neither is wanting him to text you just so you can ignore it. Neither is refusing to stop sleeping in the shirts he left at your apartment. Sometimes I see a car that looks like yours and I hold my breath for a moment. Sometimes someone wears your perfume and my hands start to shake. Sometimes I hear your favorite song and my heart skips a beat. Sometimes it still hurts when someone mentions your name.

Deep, Deep down i wanted it to be different this time with you. You did not see this year turning out this way, and the plans that seemed steady have fallen out of place, but even here, even now, you have not fallen from grace; this glorious unmerited favor that shows up everyday, reminding you: you are Loved…even while you feel this way. It is okay if there are feelings that are strong, but they are confusing and too hard to name. For more than you were made to sort through all of this, you were made to trust and let go. You were made to go through every stage it takes to learn, to heal, to grow. Why would you tell me you want me if wanting me was never enough to make you stay? When we met, I was broken from girls who cheated on me, manipulated, and used me.

No, the end came because Your love for me simply whittled away,. I loved you wholeheartedly. You were everything,everything that i wanted. We were meant to be,supposed to be,but we lost it. All of the memories so close to me just fade away.

It’s been a long wait

You carry the dead little fox Your fingers are in its fur And its corpse is right against your chest. Life is unfair, you think Who kills children? Its cold is slowly reaching you And it says: the little fox is dead Why are you holding on to it so tightly? Life is unfair, you breathe Who kills children? You reach a clearing The place is as beautiful As the dead little fox. There is no bloodstain on its fur, no wound To tell the story of its death. You pick flowers and cut your fingers But it deserves your last ounce of love.



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    Liu Instagram: travelingstoryteller via mingdliu.

  2. Jaime H. says:

    “I think what hurt me the most was that so many people saw it coming, and the only thing I ever wanted you to do was prove them all wrong. But you couldn't.

  3. Baptiste C. says:

    That you moved on and I'm still holding on to something I broke. I'm happy for . I cant picture someone thinking about me before they fall asleep. I cant picture.

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