Anne frank remembered cliff notes

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anne frank remembered cliff notes

Who Was Anne Frank? by Ann Abramson

In her amazing diary, Anne Frank revealed the challenges and dreams common for any young girl. But Hitler brought her childhood to an end and forced her and her family into hiding. Who Was Anne Frank? looks closely at Annes life before the secret annex, what life was like in hiding, and the legacy of her diary. Black-and-white illustrations including maps and diagrams provide historical and visual reference in an easy-to-read biography written in a way that is appropriate and accessible for younger readers.
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REVIEW Anne Frank Remembered (The Story of Miep Gies)

The Diary of Anne Frank

She was born on June 12, in Frankfurt, Germany, where she spent her early years with her parents and Margot, her older sister by three years. In the summer of , the family moved to Holland, because the Nazis and Adolph Hitler had come to power and began begun to persecute Jews in Germany. In Amsterdam, Anne at first attended a Montessori kindergarten and grade school. After the Nazis invaded Holland in , however, she had to leave her school for a Jewish one. Anne made a smooth transition in the new school and was a good student. Anne Frank Throughout her childhood, Anne was compared to her older sister, Margot, and judged to be less intelligent, talented, and beautiful.

Anne Frank Remembered is the autobiography of Miep Gies, the woman who helped the Frank family survive during their two years in hiding. Her book is a primary source or firsthand account of the persecution of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Holland during the second world war.
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Anne Frank Remembered

Of the eight people hiding in the "Secret Annexe," only one, Anne's father, survived. All their Dutch "protectors," or helpers, managed to live through the war, and even Anne's school friend, Lies, about whom she thought and dreamed, and whom she mentions in the Diary, survived. It starts in the town of Frankfurt, in the house where Anne spent her early childhood; Schnabel interviewed people who knew the Frank family in Frankfurt and, later, those who knew them in Amsterdam. After the group's capture by the Nazis, they were taken back to Germany and were sent to concentration camps. Ernst Schnabel also interviewed people who had been in the camps with the Franks and had witnessed their final moments, as well as those of the other members of the group in hiding. Previous The Second Year.


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