Are some people meant to be single

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are some people meant to be single

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Published 04.08.2019

Being single in your 30's - Law Of Attraction or Meant to be?

You’re Meant to Be Single If You Show These 10 Signs

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Have you ever found yourself wondering what exactly is so appealing about being in a relationship in the first place? If you identify with any of these 10 signs, you may be better off single No. Couple having problems iStock. For people who absolutely cannot deal with disagreements, being single just may be their happy place. Although modern society and a social media-obsessed culture often dubs people in relationships happier than those not in relationships, some research begs to differ. The study found that single people who had high-avoidance goals, meaning they are most concerned with preventing relationship conflict and disagreements, were just as happy as those who were in a relationship. Sometimes you may just be single at heart.

For many people, being single can seem like a scary prospect. They're not alone by circumstance, but rather by choice! People who prefer staying single are often already firmly established in their ways and have no desire to change or make compromises to include others into their daily schedules. On the other hand, people who are hoping to find a relationship down the road are often far more able to be flexible, cooperative, and accommodating in order to appease a future partner. For some people, being alone can cause them great anxiety, stress, and heartache.

2. You are single at heart

Some people are cut out for relationships; others are happier single. But how can you know for sure if you're meant to stay single? There are some obvious signs — for example, if you're in a relationship, but you'd really rather kick it alone or with your girlfriends than hang with your partner, this could be a red flag. Then again, that could just mean that you're in the wrong relationship, or that you're more of a loner but you still like to have someone to snuggle with at night. Or even that you're not cut out for a relationship at this very moment, but you still are the settling-down type, and will be ready for that sooner or later. I asked 15 psychologists, dating experts, relationship coaches and the like to tell me how to know, for good and for all, if you're the type who is meant to be single in the long run or not. How can you tell?


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