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bon scott before ac dc

Bon: The Last Highway: The Untold Story of Bon Scott and AC/DCs Back In Black by Jesse Fink

A fascinating read. You wont be able to put it down once you get started.
- Chris Jericho, Talk is Jericho (Westwood One)

After being made aware of the previous poor attempts to tell Bons story, I decided to read Bon: The Last Highway. Finks book deserves 10 out of 10 for effort in gathering all the information possible.... Theory Two [about how Bon died] could not be any closer to the truth. I know, because I was there.
- Joe Fury, Bon Scotts friend who went to the hospital in London when Bon was declared dead-on-arrival

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Praise for Bon: The Last Highway by Jesse Fink:

A fascinating portrait of a troubled man with a serious alcohol addiction... the literary equivalent of a road movie. - Ronan McGreevy, Irish Times
One of 2017s most essential rock reads. - (Alabama)
Over the years Bon Scott has become an untouchable rock god; but this book digs deeper. Its something that hasnt really been done before... its a whole new look on the troubled frontman and a fine biography. - Jyrki Spider Hamalainen, Vive Le Rock (UK)
After being made aware of the previous poor attempts to tell Bons story, I decided to read Bon: The Last Highway. Finks book deserves 10 out of 10 for effort in gathering all the information possible.... Theory Two [about how Bon died] could not be any closer to the truth. I know, because I was there. - Joe Fury, Bon Scotts friend who went to the hospital in London to identify Bons body
Hand-on-heart clarity and the haze of memory merge here to do justice to what is both a celebratory and cautionary tale... you will learn much on this road trip. You already know the soundtrack.- RTE (Republic of Ireland)
Jesse Fink is a very courageous writer... a fact-rich, exciting book that reads in places like a crime story. Investigative journalism at its best. - Metal Glory (Germany)
Just like the object of his desire (it is his second book on AC/DC), Fink is prone to perfectionism. He meticulously dedicates himself to the last three years in the life of Ronald Belford Scott ... Finks book is a real gift for the fans of the tragically and much too early deceased singer. - Classic Rock (Germany)
Of the 20-plus books written about AC/DC, this one comes closest to the truth about how former singer Bon Scott died and his uncredited legacy as a songwriter... not just for fans, this is equal parts cautionary tale and meticulously researched document. - Courier Mail (Australia)
Finks book meticulously explores the man and the many myths about Scotts life and death, and his hell of a ride in between. - Herald Sun (Australia)
A literary masterpiece. - Soundanalyse (Germany)
One of the most important publications on AC/DC... Fink has become something of an AC/DC detective and shines light on parts of the AC/DC story which have always been dimly lit. Music fans around the world have been waiting for this book - and it does not disappoint. - Denis Gray, Australian Rock Show
I read this book in seven hours, with a 20-minute break for dinner, and put it down almost breathless at the non-biased, staggering research. Bon: The Last Highway is probably one of the best books Ive ever read - on anything! And I read a lot. This book goes up to 11! Extremely well done. A magnificent book. - Paul Chapman, guitarist, UFO
Crossing continents and tracking key figures down, Finks work is impressive; his book is exhaustively investigative and engrossing. - Exclaim
Painstakingly researched. - Dangerous Minds
Phenomenal. - Sirius XM VOLUME Debatable
Brilliant writing, many revelations. A must-read. Astonishingly good reporting. - Lori Majewski, SiriusXM VOLUME Feedback
A great page-turner... a riveting read. - The Rockpit (Australia)
Jesse Fink is not the first writer to suggest theres something fishy about the official version of [Bon] Scotts death and its aftermath, but no one else has offered such a plausible or exhaustively researched alternative theory... vindicating old-school journalistic rigour, Fink compiled a vast testimony from multiple sources and invites the reader to decide where the truth lies, Rashomon-style. This is no easy task: key witnesses are either dead, like [Alistair] Kinnear, or their memories are clouded by the fog of war, like UFOs Paul Chapman and Pete Way. But as with his previous book, the absence of co-operation from the AC/DC inner circle has been to Finks benefit... [he has] effectively undertaken the detective work that wasnt conducted at the time. Its a dense, tangled tale but Fink reveals the humanity behind the myth: Bon was a flawed, conflicted character, trapped in a persona, who ultimately chose the path he took and got unlucky. - Keith Cameron, MOJO
The most extensively researched book on AC/DC ever... its outstanding. If you thought you knew Bon Scott, think again. This is as close as anyone is ever gonna get to the complete truth behind the legend, warts and all. - B.J. Lisko, Canton Repository, Ohio
The most in-depth investigation into what happened to Bon Scott on the night of his death youll ever read. - Rich Davenport, Rich Davenports Rock Show
This one-man investigation, born of respect for the truth and for Scott as a human being, blazes a new trail. - Joe Bonomo, author of AC/DCs Highway To Hell (33 1/3 Series)
Jesse Fink has done rock fans a great service. He dispels the many myths about how AC/DCs Bon Scott lived and died, and in doing so, brings to life one of the most influential, memorable, and complex figures in rock history. - Greg Renoff, author of Van Halen Rising
Fink leaves no stone unturned in this deep biography of Bon Scott. - Publishers Weekly
Amazing... the most in-depth researched book on Scotts final years ever written. The story of Bons last days on earth has never been properly told...until now. This book is good enough it has me waiting for the movie. - Classic Rock Revisited
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AC/DC before Bon Scott

Bon Scott was the original frontman for AC/DC who had a reputation for There, he drank heavily before climbing into his friend Alistair.
Jesse Fink

The Story Of Bon Scott, The Raucous Original Frontman Of AC/DC

These are the top 10 songs that sum him up better than anything else. Bon was well versed in this subject: he was on first-name terms with the staff in his local VD clinic. His filthy lyrics were an extended pun on playing poker. Even funnier is the studio cut, which ends as if played to a hostile club audience. Glad you enjoyed the show! Somehow, it was a perfect fit. For such a great song, it was strange that it was recorded for the Let There Be Rock album with guitars out of tune.

Photo by Richard McCaffrey. The buckle is clearly visible in numerous photos of Scott from this period. The subject matter is magnetic. But there've been previous books about Scott. What makes "Bon: The Last Highway" special is the deep, FBI-file level research Fink conducted and obscure sources tracked down in his three years working on the book. All of which was a must. Bon Scott was found dead Feb.

Scott was born in Forfar , Scotland, and spent his early years in Kirriemuir. He moved to Australia with his family in at the age of six, living in Melbourne for four years before settling in Fremantle, Western Australia. Their album Highway to Hell reached the top 20 in the United States, and the band seemed on the verge of a commercial breakthrough. However, on 19 February , Scott died after a night out in London. It went on to become the third best-selling album in history.

A new video featuring rare footage and performance from Bon Scott before he joined AC/DC is now available. Blue Pie Records has released.
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AC/DC - Touch Too Much (Official Video)

Scott had always been a heavy drinker, even by rockstar standards. A bit worse for drink, Scott quickly passed out after his friends left him there to sleep it off. When they returned to the car the next morning, Scott was dead. When he was six, his family decided to move to Melbourne, Australia. The Bonny Scot, see? That determination not to live the way others wanted to would get Scott into trouble as a young man.

Sign in. In , the Scott family relocated to Australia. Bon's strong distaste for authority led him to quit his studies at the age of Bon's earliest musical efforts were both on vocals and drums. His first "real" job in the music business was in a pop band called The Valentines, whose single "Every Day I Have To Cry" reached the top five of the local charts. On September , however, The Valentines were arrested for dope possession which shattered their clean-cut image beyond repair, and the band officially called it quits a few months later.


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    Ronald Belford "Bon" Scott (9 July – 19 February ) was an Australian singer, . Before another AC/DC visit, George Young phoned me and said the band was looking for a new singer. I immediately told him that the best guy for the .

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    In a band of young brothers who lived to play music, he was older — though not necessarily wiser — and definitely partied harder.

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