The fly by katherine mansfield full text pdf

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the fly by katherine mansfield full text pdf

Katherine Mansfield Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield

This was my first reading of Mansfields work and I didnt realize she was such a Modernist writer. There were some interesting stories here, some stories that I frankly found boring, and some that were really fascinating and that I could see as expanded into complex novels, had Mansfield been so inclined. There were a few stories that seemed a little on the shallower side but many of the stories had a lot of subtle psychological angles to them. If youre the kind of reader who likes stories that have clear themes and clear beginning, middle, and ends, you might not enjoy Mansfields work. Many of her stories sort of drop you in the middle of things without a real context. I found myself having to reread the last page of a story that I had left for a few days when I went back to it because trying to read forward was confusing until I had situated myself back to where I had left off in the story (if that makes sense...). I personally like a writing style that is that subtle and doesnt spell everything out (Im a writer who writes like that also) but I know many readers prefer a more direct storytelling.

I also had some issues with how this particular collection was organized. There were no dates on the stories so there is no way of telling when each was written and the editor seemed to have just thrown them together with no particular order. One characteristic of Mansfields stories is that she sometimes brought back certain characters and wrote different stories using them - not continuations of a previous story but just used the same characters. It would have really helped to have those stories with reoccurring characters come one after the other rather than all spread out because of Mansfields lack of contextualization for her stories. As a reader, I had to figure out for myself that hmmm, havent I seen these characters before? and I found that annoying (its never good when a reader has to work to hard to figure out something organizational in a book, is it?)

I do recommend these stories to those who are interested in Modernist literature.
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The Fly

The Fly - Katherine Mansfield

Publication details: Constable and Company Limited , , London. Woodifield, and he peered out of the great, green leather armchair by his friend the boss's desk as a baby peers out of its pram. His talk was over; it was time for him to be off. But he did not want to go. Since he had retired, since his

Woodifield, an old and rather infirm gentleman, is talking to his friend, referred to only as "the boss". The boss is a well-to-do man who is "still going strong", despite being five years older than Woodifield. The boss enjoys showing off his redecorated office to him, and points out its new furniture and electric heating. There is an aged picture of a young man, whom we learn is the boss's deceased son, sitting above a table, but it is not referred to by the boss. Woodifield wants to tell the boss something, but is struggling to remember what it is, when the boss offers him some fine whisky. After drinking, his memory is refreshed and Woodifield talks about a recent visit that his two daughters made to his son's grave, saying that they had come across the boss's son's grave as well. We now come to know that the boss's son had died in the war six years ago, a loss that affected the boss heavily.

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