Roy hession the calvary road pdf

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roy hession the calvary road pdf

The Calvary Road by Roy Hession

Honestly, this is a book every Christian should read. Its not long, and even if you have only a few minutes a day to read, the chapters are self-contained, and fairly short as well. I recently went through it in a Bible study, and was reminded to review it after doing a review of True Discipleship by William MacDonald (another good book with a similar theme).

Many Christians pray for revival in the Church, and so we should. What I think we tend to forget is that, in the words of the old song, it must begin in me. In this brief, but rich little book, Roy Hession helps us find the path of personal revival, which starts at the narrow door of Calvary.
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The Calvary Road EP 62 (1 Corinthians 16:1-3)

The Calvary Road

Naturally they are popular, but they are false prophets. I invited them to come as speakers, because I had heard that they had been experiencing Revival in their field for a number of years, and I was interested in Revival. What they had to say was very different from much of what I had associated with Revival. It was very simple and very quiet. As they unfolded their message and gave their testimonies, I discovered that I was the neediest person in the conference and was far more in need of being revived than I had ever realised.

This public domain book by Roy Hession made a great impact on my life because it gets to the meat of the Christian belief system.
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The Calvary Road , by Roy Hession, very simply outlines personal revival sanctification through being filled with the Holy Spirit. As it says in 2 Thess. In this little book, the process of sanctification, through surrendering all, is simply and clearly revealed for those who are willing to seek the Lord with all their heart. This is not another self help book but a most humbling revelation of the sin we fail or refuse to see and which keeps us from an intimate walk with Jesus. This book reveals a life changing principle which, together with much prayer , can and will bring a Christian into a very close walk with our Lord, if it is diligently applied on a daily basis. It is free to download - right click here and 'save target as

Roy Hession was a British evangelist and author. Hession was born in London in He was educated at Aldenham School where his introduction to religion led him to expect "anything but boredom" from God. He was very much influenced by their strong emphasis on a personal implementation of the basics of the Christian faith, in particular the healing powers of openness and repentance. His preaching subsequently incorporated these new insights.


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