Statistics fourth edition david freedman pdf

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statistics fourth edition david freedman pdf

Statistics by David Freedman

Good, but perhaps too simple? I can see why some people dont like this book, although its one of the clearest mathematical textbook I have ever seen in my limited experience. Because its too clear and easy to understand, it may seem even trivial especially to those who like mathematics for its complexity and sophistication (whether real or not). It is a pretty well-known psychological phenomenon, however: you tend to perceive something to be of high quality if you have a harder time understanding it (one experiment I have in mind is how peoples rating of restaurant food changed depending on how hard it was to read the menu). This might in part explain some peoples raving reviews of abstruse modernist works of literature (like Joyces Ulysses or Pynchons Rainbows Gravity, both of which I slugged through with guidebooks).

Anyway, though the exercises were a little too easy, this textbook is definitely a GREAT way to start studying statistics, as it requires only the knowledge of some high school algebra and explains everything so well that you really dont need to spend hours trying to decipher whats going on in a proof or an equation.

Will be reading Freedmans more advanced textbook, Statistical Models next, supplemented maybe with some standard college textbook on mathematical statistics, like Wassermans All of Statistics.
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Understanding Statistics with Antony Davies - A Guide

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David Freedman

Statistics, 4th Edition by David Freedman, Robert Pisani

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