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salem lot pdf stephen king

Salems Lot by Stephen King

There was a time once when vampires were ruthless predators and not the misunderstood brooding and essentially harmless creatures. Ahhhh, good old scary times...

Vampire stories have been around for a long time - after all, people love a good scare, and what is more terrifying than a monster showing up at night and sucking the life essence out of you? But leave it to Stephen King to turn the terror up a notch, add a whole new layer to it. How? Simply - using the winning formula that he continues to employ in the vast majority of his work.

In addition to showing us the monsters of the night, he also brings into the picture the monsters and the darkness that are already with us, that live in the deep dark recesses of everyones soul.
The town knew about darkness.
The town has its secrets, and keeps them well.
The town cares for devils work no more than it cares for Gods or mans. It knew darkness. And darkness was enough.

The eponymous Salems Lot is a small town in Maine, and it is not a stranger to secrets and darkness. Its quaint and pastoral on the surface, but once you look deeper you are bound to discover what lurks behind its respectable surface. And trust me, thats the discoveries that you can easily go without for the darkness of the human soul as presented by Stephen King beats everything that any monster or boogeyman can ever send your way. The small town of Salems Lot can boast your usual lies, bullying, corruption, and prejudice - and spices it up with well-hidden child abuse, violence, and murders. Not so quaint, is it?
It is this portrayal of everyday peoples secrets, of the towns being almost like living breathing organisms that is one of the big reasons why I am a huge fan of Stephen Kings works.

From the very first pages of the novel we know that some terrible fate made Salems Lot a ghost town with apparently only a couple of survivors. It doesnt take the reader long to realize, as we go back in time to see how the events unfolded, that the mysterious menacing Marsten House welcomed new evil that tends to lurk at night, floating past your (hopefully, tightly shut) windows.

The story itself is rather straightforward, steadily moving along to its almost-conclusion that we have glimpsed in the first few pages, and we watch with bated breath as our bunch of good guys - Ben, Mark, Susan, Matt - are trying to take on the supernatural horror. Oh, and did I forget Father Callahan? (view spoiler)[A high-five from the Dark Tower universe, Father! (hide spoiler)]

King is excellent with the plotting and the pacing (since this was only his second novel, he was still a stranger to writing larger-than-life brick-sized tomes). The story never lags, the suspense and sense of foreboding are rampant, and there are quite a few truly nailbiting situations. Nothing distracts the reader from the vampire story unfolding on the background of small-town horrors. There are no heavy-handed lessons to be learned, no deep morals to take out of the story - all we get is a thrilling and quite scary ride that may make you (a) sleep with a light on, and (b) be very careful about who you invite into your home. 5 stars.
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Salems Lot, Shipping Mr Barlow

'Salem's Lot. By. Stephen King think that blotting 'salem's Lot out was doing the boy any good. . prominent in 'salem's Lot church and social functions;.
Stephen King

'Salem's Lot

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Jerusalem's Lot, Maine often shortened to ' Salem's Lot or just the Lot is a fictional town and a part of writer Stephen King 's fictional Maine topography. The town is described as being located in Cumberland County , between or including parts of the towns of Falmouth , Windham , and Cumberland , near the southern part of the state about ten miles north of Portland. King, a native of Durham, Maine , created a trinity of fictional Maine towns — Jerusalem's Lot, Castle Rock and Derry — as central settings in more than one work. In Danse Macabre , King's non-fiction, semi-autobiographical review of horror in all media forms, King confesses that 'Salem's Lot was largely derived from the town of Durham, Maine ; specifically the area in which he resided as a youth known locally as "Methodist Corners. The town that would become Jerusalem's Lot was founded in by a preacher named James Boon, the leader of a cult of schismatic Puritans.

It was his second published novel. The story involves a writer named Ben Mears who returns to the town of Jerusalem's Lot or 'Salem's Lot for short in Maine, where he had lived from the age of five through nine, only to discover that the residents are becoming vampires. The town is revisited in the short stories " Jerusalem's Lot " and " One for the Road ", both from King's story collection Night Shift In two separate interviews in the s, King said that, of all his books, ' Salem's Lot was his favorite. In his June Playboy interview, the interviewer mentioned that because it was his favorite, King was planning a sequel, [3] but King has said on his website that because The Dark Tower series already continued the narrative in Wolves of the Calla and Song of Susannah , he felt there was no longer a need for a sequel. They are kind of a dying organism right now. The story seems sort of down home to me.


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