Describe a plant flower in your country

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describe a plant flower in your country

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Describe a plant/flower in your country - Speaking Part 2

Get band 9. Talking about a distinct and important plant in your country is a challenge most especially if you are not into growing plants. PART 2. Describe an important plant in your country. You should say:. What it is. Where you see it.

Describe a useful plant you know about. September 09, You should say: what it is where it is available what it looks like and explain how this plant is useful. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish. Labels Describe something Plant Something Important.

Ever since I was in my early elementary years, the rice plant has appeared in almost every subject, from literature to natural science to geography. And even in real life, the rice plant can be spotted all across the countryside around Vietnam. Up to this day, millions of Vietnamese families are still dependent on the cultivation of rice to make ends meet. Besides this, rice has been an indispensable part of the main meal of most families for centuries and children practice the habit of eating rice from a very young age, and as for the older generation, they cannot go a day without rice in some form or the other. Over thousands of years, the rice plant has played a really important role in Vietnamese culture and many traditions and ceremonies originate from the farmers hopes for an abundant crop , and many of these traditions are considered as important established customs to foreign visitors. I think that the rice plant has become one of the greatest symbols for the Vietnamese spirit and deserves large appreciation from all generations. You should say: Who the person is How you know this person What this person does that is adventurous And explain why you think this person likes to take risks.

Cue Card: Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important Tulsi (also known as holy basil) is one of the most common plants in India and it is used for various Describe an plant /flower in your country.
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There are many different varieties of trees and plants that are specific to our country India. These are highly beneficial due to their practical applications in healthcare, food and other uses. Some plants are rare, while some are very common, and are found all over the country and in other countries as well, such as the tulsi plant. One such commonly found plant is Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem plant or Indian lilac. Neem is a fast-growing, evergreen tree, and reaches a height of 20 meters. The branches are long and wide, with toothed, pinnate leaves. It has white and fragrant flowers, and small, olive-like, drupe shaped fruits that are bittersweet in taste.

It seems to grow almost anywhere — I have seen it in towns, parks, cities and the countryside. One thing I could say about its habitat is that usually seems to grow somewhere where it has been planted , in other words near to human habitation. People often plant cherry trees in their gardens, although I guess cherry seeds are also spread by birds. In the spring, it was especially memorable because that was when it was in blossom. There are so many reasons why I like this tree.


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    Describe a plant grown in your country. It has white and fragrant flowers, and small, olive-like, drupe shaped fruits that are bittersweet in taste.

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    Describe plant grown in your country you think is important You should say: as well as, he grows many sorts of flowers, vegetables and so on.

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    Describe a plant in your country Speaking IELTS EXAM online exam preparation for ielts students who giving ielts exam for their study in.

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    Tulsi also known as holy basil is one of the most common plants in India and it is used for various purposes.

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