Metallica bad company cover song

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metallica bad company cover song

Metallica: The Stories Behind the Biggest Songs by Chris Ingham

Metallica formed in 1981 when drummer Lars Ulrich posted an advertisement in a local L.A. newspaper. Their early recordings featured fast thrash tempos, instrumentals, and a raw aggression that made them metal gods almost instantly. Here are the stories behind such songs as “Ride the Lightning,”  “The Thing that Should Not Be,” and “The God that Failed”—written about the death of lyricist James Hetfield’s mother.

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Metallica - Turn the Page [Official Music Video]

It was released as the third single from their debut album Bad Company in , although it did not chart in America.
Chris Ingham

Bad Company (song)

Any cover band can copy someone else's songs, but only the greats can make them their own or breathe new life into forgotten classics. Metallica have done that time and time again throughout their long career, as you'll see on our list of the Top 10 Metallica Cover Songs. One measure of a truly great band is its ability to transform, or even improve, the work of those who inspired them. There's nothing wrong with New Wave of British Heavy Metal favorites Blitzkrieg's deliciously raw original recording of their namesake tune, itself adapted from Focus' 'Hocus Pocus,' if you listen closely to the chord progression. But Metallica's tribute truly elevates the song to an entirely new level of powerful precision, capped by a sizzling Kirk Hammett solo. Three years later they slapped four Motorhead covers — including their rip-roaring 'Overkill' — onto the 'Garage, Inc.

Metallica are the most commercially successful heavy metal band of all time, selling more than million albums to date. But long before they were a household name, they were an up-and-coming band that leaned on their influences to create a signature sound. Here is our list of Metallica's 10 Best Cover Songs. The controversial Jonas Akerlund-directed video, which was banned from MTV at the time, for the song features porn star Ginger Lynn and tells the story of a mother who works as an erotic dancer during the day and a prostitute at night. The mid-tempo take on the Irish classic is uniquely Metallica and also shows off a more polished side of the band in their playing and on the production on the track.


god has no hands but yours

'Whiskey in the Jar'



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    1. Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven (1971)

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