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Now We Are 40 by Tiffanie Darke

What happened to Generation X? Millenials dominate our Facebook feeds and people bang on about the baby boomers – but what about us? The lost generation, the middle youth, the middle child of today. Are we still cool?

Generation X? Remember them? The kids who believed theyd never grow up. The generation Douglas Coupland immortalised in his novel of the same name. The wry, knowing navel-gazers obsessed with cool and being cool who today are sandwiched between the boomers of the 60s and the millennials.

Gen Xers came of age against a backdrop of Britpop and the Spice Girls, Tarantino and Pulp Fiction, Madchester and the Stone Roses, acid house and rave, super clubs, Ministry and Cream. They holidayed in Ibiza high on hooch and E and never ever believed thered be a comedown.

So whatever happened to them?

We turned 40. And as Tiffanie Darke points out in this witty exploration of the generation who defied generalisation, were not handling it all that well…

Where once we wore floaty skirts and Doc Martins, now we’re sporting Scandi fashion and interesting trainers. We still party in Ibiza but now bodyboard in Cornwall. Where once mixtapes were the ultimate mating call, now we take selfies and swap Spotify playlists – all the while conspicuously wearing large Dr Beats headphones and casually leaving old packets of Kingsize Rizla lying round our open plan kitchens.

More to the point, Gen X are now in charge. In government, in business and the creative industries. The most anti-establishment of generations has now become the establishment. But as tech overtakes the arts as societys great shaping force, Tiffanie ponders – does cool and its pursuit still matter? If Gen X had it sorted, gave us Barack Obama and downward facing dogs, why is stress the new flu? Why are we working not for love anymore – or cool – but to avoid negative equity and depleting pension pots?

In Now We Are 40, Tiffanie interviews some of the most iconic Gen X’ers such as Pearl Lowe, Richard Reed and Blur’s bassist Alex James to look at how Gen X live their life in between being young and old, and how it feels to want to burn down the establishment only to realise that now you are the establishment.
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Registered in Ireland: We are the only ones who straddle two worlds without getting vertigo — unlike Boomers, we are not too old to fully adapt to the digital world, but unlike Millennials, we remember life before online. And now we are in our forties. We are middle aged. Where once we inhabited the ecstatic kingdom of rave, where strangers hugged and friendships formed in blissed out spaces, now we are on the school run and living in a world of Trump and Brexit. Our values, with which we imprinted the culture — inclusivity, equality, open-mindedness — are under attack from reactionary populism. Are we too knackered from parenting and mortgage repayments to even look up?

Now We Are 40 Hardcover – 23 Feb The generation Douglas Coupland immortalised in his novel of the same name. Tiffanie Darke is a hugely successful editor, who has worked for the Daily Telegraph, the Express and Sunday Times Style.
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And maybe our response to that, says David Barnett, is whatever! Slacker took place over a single day in Austin, Texas, and the camera lazily passed in and out of the lives of twentysomethings dangling from loose ends in their lives. Witness this exchange:. Doesn't do much of anything. Last month I wrote about generation X, people like me born between the baby boomers and the millennials. I suggested that while those two age demographics were slugging it out about who had things worse, it was generation X who were now, in their forties and fifties, in a position to rise up and save the day. The piece got a lot of traction and is still being shared about.


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