Movie making equipment for beginners

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movie making equipment for beginners

Digital Filmmaking by Mike Figgis

Now there is no reason to prevent anybody from making a film. The technology exists, the equipment is much cheaper than it was, the post-production facilities are on a laptop computer, the entire equipment to make a film can go in a couple of cases and be carried as hand luggage on a plane. —Mike Figgis

In this indispensable guide, Academy Award nominee Mike Figgis offers the reader a step-by-step tutorial in how to use digital filmmaking technology so as to get the very best from it. He outlines the equipment and its uses, and provides an authoritative guide to the shooting process—from working with actors to lighting, framing, and camera movement. He dispenses further wisdom on the editing process and the use of sound and music, all while establishing a sound aesthetic basis for the digital format.

Offering everything that you could wish to know on the subject, this is a handbook that will become an essential backpocket eference for the digital film enthusiast—whether your goal is to make no-budget movies or simply to put your video camera to more use than just holidays and weddings.
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Gear for a Short Film

Shooting Solo: A Low-Budget Filmmaker's Equipment List

It is a very precarious situation for a newbie filmmaker to jot down the essential filmmaking equipment list for himself. Precarious, because you are a beginner and then most often you are lighter in your pocket. If you are not studying any film school, you have to have some essential equipment for hands-on experience. Beginners usually delve with the camera first, which is a correct approach. Get the gear which shoots good quality video and slowly grow from there. However, when you start making your short films and want them to have a cinematic style like any other mainstream feature, you need to itemize a filmmaking equipment list for the shooting or the production. The list can be exhaustive or need-based.

Skip to main content. Movie Making Equipment. In Stock. My problem is that when I moved to shooting 4K, that bracket couldnt handle the weight or everything else that I was using VidiU video encoder, BeachTek audio mixer, shotgun mike, etc. This bracket was just what the doctor ordered The 2. Thought that the "extra" space around the blue handle could be put to good use but wasnt sure. Reached out to Neewer Tech Support and didnt hear back from them for almost a week.

Congrats on starting film school! Fortunately, most programs have many important tools available for students—namely big stuff such as camcorders and lights. So what exactly do you need to be prepared for film school? Luckily, not all that much. It is quite easy to get an inexpensive model with 4K video these days, so that is definitely worth looking into. If you are just starting your program and you are lucky enough to have access to great, modern cameras, then you should be okay getting something relatively cheap for your personal kit. You could also go the camcorder route, though it is turning into more of a niche these days.

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January 28, by Clare Zivanovic. Filmmaking equipment can be freakin' expensive. This makes it almost impossible for beginner filmmakers to kit themselves out from the get go. Big is not always better, and small is not always cheaper. Duh, you say? Consider, is it only for YouTube or do I want to enter a film festival?

One of the most exciting aspects of filmmaking is putting together your video production equipment package. Keep in mind, there is no "one size fits all" equipment package for everyone since there are so many variables budget, type of project, locations, pro vs amateur, etc , so what we have tried to do on this page is cover some basic gear you may want to consider. Panasonic GH5 4K. A video camera is the centerpiece of your filmmaking gear package. What camera you choose depends on your budget, the type of shooting you're doing static, stealth, run-and-gun, etc. Whatever camera you choose, make sure you capture excellent audio.


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