Real fear the truth behind the movies

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real fear the truth behind the movies

Quote by Will Smith: “Fear is not real. The only place that fear can ...”

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Published 01.07.2019

Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies

Larry Landsman, who executive-produced both two-hour specials, is on the phone to talk about the new edition. Soon after [experiencing the nightmares], the men died in their sleep. These were healthy young men and they all complained of these horrific nightmares.

Horror movies tap into a primal fear instinct in your brain

The names Lucille Hermann or Christopher Lutz may not scare up immediate recognition, but horror fans owe them a debt of gratitude of sorts. Both of them experienced real-life scares that eventually inspired two popular spook features: "Poltergeist" and "The Amityville Horror. Back in , Hermann's family became nationally known after they experienced unexplained poltergeist activity in their house in Seaford, N. Meanwhile, when Lutz was 7, he moved into the now-infamous home in Amityville, N. But the key word is "inspired," as the fact that both films were based on real-life incidents doesn't mean screenwriters and directors didn't take liberties with the truth. However, a new documentary, " Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies, " that debuted March 11 on the Chiller cable network, gives Hermann and Lutz a chance to tell the stories that inspired "Poltergeist" and "Amityville Horror," as did people behind the incidents that inspired "The Mothman Prophecies" and "Silent Hill. But when I was back in the old neighborhood, it all came back -- nothing had changed, except the roof of the house.

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Renowned Paranormal Investigators spend 72 hours locked down in haunted locations to try to capture groundbreaking evidence. A seemingly happy couple moves into a new apartment in the city. Things take a turn for the worse, as blind ambition corrupts and a vengeful ghost haunts them.

As a fan of horror flicks and paranormal shows, you had me at… well, all of it. Second installment is a lot of fun and already has me hoping for a third. The team, especially the returning novice members, have some experience under their belts now and with investigator Weidman and grizzled veteran Dolan, they have matured into a fairly sturdy team of investigators. The gang travel to Connecticut to investigate that famous haunting and the film it inspired. They talk not only to mom Carmen Reed, portrayed in the flick by Virginia Madsen, but also TVs Haunted Collector John Zaffis, who was one of the original investigators on that infamous case and now owns some interesting relics from it in his haunted collection. We, as last time, get a run down of what allegedly actually happened compared to what was portrayed in the movie and the team even gets to spend the night at a nearby house where a local Paranormal team is dealing with an escalating haunting of their own.

In Real Fear: The Truth Behind the Movies, Chiller investigates the terrifying factual stories that inspired some of the scariest horror movies of all time, including.
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I Need a Day. Aug 22 In this two-hour special, paranormal investigators Richard Dolan, Katrina Weidman, John McGarry, Chris Holt and Becky Weingrad explore the terrifying factual stories that served as the basis for some of the scariest horror movies of all time. The team is also joined by renowned psychic Chip Coffey and paranormal researcher John Zaffis , who lend their expertise in analyzing the accounts. Through exclusive eyewitness interviews and reenactments of actual events, the team will uncover even more unbelievable tales, including gripping evidence of the paranormal activity that inspired The Haunting in Connecticut; the eyewitness reports of a winged creature that led to The Blair Witch Project; the terrifying UFO abduction claim behind Fire in the Sky and the series of mysterious deaths that inspired the chilling classic A Nightmare on Elm Street. The movies may be fiction, but the fear is very real!


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