5 days a stranger download

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5 days a stranger download

To Trust a Stranger by Karen Robards

Mac McQuarrys newest client is his oldest enemys wife. When his older brother vanished at the same time Sid Carlsons first wife disappeared, young Mac swore that someday hed discover his brothers fate. After he became a cop, Macs probe triggered a nasty frame-up that sent his career down in flames. Now a struggling private eye, Mac cant believe his luck when the second Mrs. Carlson, whose rags-to-riches marriage is headed for disaster, seeks his services to get the goods on her cheating husband. Macs not about to reveal hes anything but a stranger to his quarry and miss this prime chance to pump Sids neglected trophy wife, Julie, for inside information about her slimy spouse. With no one to trust but each other, and danger closing in on every side, the gorgeous ex-beauty queen and the sexy ex-cop are soon sharing much more than just information. Karen Robards has packed this story with adventure, intrigue, and steamy sensuality.
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Let's Play! 5 Days A Stranger (FINAL): Interview with Yahtzee

5 Days a Stranger Download

I do love computer games, mostly from Acid-Play, since they always have some of the greatest games i have played. I also do enjoy puzzle, and arcade games, as they do have a lot of history in the game catagory. As my gaming expierences increases per day, I see some bad, mostly bad graphic's types games, and I do see some great games, such as Assult Cube, and Stick Soldiers Two. Now back to the game:. This game places you in a Theif's eyes, and body. Learn how to think like a theif, look like a theif, and of course act like one.

One of the best freeware adventure games I have ever played, 5 Days a Stranger is yet another excellent medium-sized adventure from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, the freelance author behind such classics as the Rob Blanc trilogy. Which, given his talents, can only mean good things for us adventure gamers. In contrast to Rob Blanc games, 5 Days a Stranger is neither a funny nor 'light' game. You play Trilby, a veteran "gentleman thief" who broke into the supposedly empty DeFoe Manor in search of loot, only to find that something is amiss. Soon, you find that you are trapped in the house, and that four other people are trapped as well.

5 Days A Stranger, 7 Days A Skeptic and probably all my games will always be available for free download. However, times are hard and one cannot be as.
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5 Days a Stranger playthrough ~Longplay~

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