Love you love you not book

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love you love you not book

Love You, Love You Not by Jo Watson

The amount of chaos and humor happening in the very beginning of this book drew me in and and definitely endeared me to Poppy and her entire dramatic predicament. Her job interview made my stomach ache from the laughter. I could feel her anxiety as she struggled to talk and then to get away. It was epically written and hilarious. Poppy and all that she was going through certainly qualified her as Queen Hot Mess, but oh how I enjoyed reading all the details of her continued plight.
I liked the differing points of view that alternated in this story. There was the perfect blend of emotion and realness mixed in with the humor and shenanigans.
Jo Watson is absolutely brilliant. This is the funniest book I have ever read and I couldnt put it down. I am already dying to read more from her.
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I Love You I Love You Not 1996

e-book Love you, Love you not

A PDF book 60 pages that covers the rOCD experience and how to get started on the recovery journey and start enjoying life again. Great resource for rOCD sufferers and their partners. This book is the account of my personal journey through relationship OCD and the lessons learned through the recovery process and extensive research. It also covers my experiences running the blog relationshipocd. The book is written with a start, middle and end in mind. It explains a process.

The glorious new standalone office rom-com from the author of the ebook bestseller Love to Hate You. Poppy Peterson is about to be evicted if she doesn't pay her rent. She used to be an actress on a telenovela until her character, Ramona Gonzalez, Executive Ad. Unfortunately, dead characters can't pay the bills. Ryan Stark is a tough boss - especially if you're his assistant.

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