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thank you for loving me karaoke

Unsung Heroine (Heroine Complex, #3.5) by Sarah Kuhn

Recently I keep finding myself reading these books involving women-loving-women story-lines by authors who do not normally write such. There was that historical/mystery (Proper English), and that legal slice of life one (Conscious Bias), and . . . others. And now here I find myself reading one in the fantasy realm, this time by an author I’ve read before (well, I’ve read other w/w books by authors who’ve I read before but who didn’t normally write w/w books, but that ‘now here’ refers to recently). In a series I’ve read before as well (again, I’ve done that before, like with Mira Grant’s ‘Feedback’, and Gail Carriger’s ‘Romancing the Inventor’).

This specific book here follows a side character in the Heroine Complex. A currently three book series that followed a bunch of Asian American (is important, yes) youngsters (I forget how early in the lives the series started, though, by this point, all are firmly adults) who, due to a rip in the . . . fabric . . .of . . . something or other (yes yes, it’s normally ‘a rip in the fabric of the universe’, but I forget if that’s the words used here) have gained superhero like powers. Books 1 through three had, as mains, people who gained superpowers. Book 3.5, this book here, follows a main (and only POV) who is very skilled in many things (like martial arts and singing) but who did not gain any extra special powers due to this ‘rip’. That character being Lucy Valdez. And unlike Grant’s Feedback (none of the characters previously appeared in the series), and one half of Carriger’s Romancing the Inventor (one of the characters is in, actually, at least two other of Carriger’s series, though as a side character), both Lucy Valdez and Rose Rorick have previous been characters in Kuhn’s series. Rorick, of the police, does not have any POV scenes in this book, though.

Right, so. This book follows a somewhat strange plot line. At least in terms of time. Book opens with a prologue set 4 years after the rest of the book. In the sense of ‘an event or action that leads to another event or situation’, this prologue is no prologue. In the sense that this chapter appears in the book before any other section . . . well . . um, it’s a prologue? Then, as noted, the ‘main action’ occurs 4 years before the prologue. But, to add another twist, sub-chapters that are text messages between Rose and Lucy are set six months prior to the main chapters (as in, sub-chapter text section 1 follows chapter 1 and occurred six months prior to chapter 1).

Unlike some series that decide to include a LGBT ‘moment’ story, Rose and Lucy had, to a limited extent, had some ‘chemistry’ being shown in prior books in the series. Barely. If I recall correctly. Unfortunately, and one of the reasons I rated this so lowly, 1) the one POV; 2) majority of book involves one character, the POV character, ‘unselfishly’ (heh) trying to steer the other main character towards another woman because . . . reasons (mostly because (Lucy’s father is an asshole; seriously, that’s the reason). So the majority of the book isn’t a romance that finds two people coming together, but an epic karaoke battle between Lucy and . . . um, forget her name now but she’s the ‘gorgeous awesome singer who actually got Rose to smile (Rose never smiles)’.

Oh, one side point: Lucy is the kind of person who happens to use some words that’d grow very very tiring for me to hear if I was friend (or just some random stranger who bumps into her a lot). The kind who calls others, any random other, things like ‘love’ and ‘darling’. So, while those words are used in the 4 years in the future prologue between Lucy to Rose, it isn’t actually an indication of anything.

But, of course, like every other book in this series, the main character does end up ‘hooked up’ with another character. It’s probably easy to tell, despite that one paragraph I wrote, to tell which character ended up with which other character.

For those who like stories about mixed-race individuals, well this one is pretty solid and every character is some mix of various nationalities and or races. I believe that’s the case in every book in the series (even the one that involves a demon as one of the main characters – he’s a half demon). For those who like stories showcase epic singing battles . . . well, this one kind of fittered out. Fittered. WTF word am I looking for here? Let’s just go with ‘whimpered’ here. Whimpered out. For those who love romances involving lesbians . . . well, there’s on here. It’s kind of a subplot to things like singing competitions, and demon like activities, but it is there. For those who like things of a sexual nature . . . I am about 100% certain nothing of that kind of thing occurred in this book.

Rating: 3.38

July 16 2019
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