Live love and let go

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live love and let go

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Published 16.06.2019

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Live Love and Let Go [James K. Abshire MD] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Are you ready to let go? Internist James Abshire has.

Love, Live, and Let go

Start your transformation now with my free ebook. What do you think you are here for? I believe we are here to live, to love, and to experience joy. We only get one shot at this life! Now, once you consider that, think about how much more of that life you want to spend focusing on your health problems, a bad relationship or being negative. Are you here for that or to live? Now what is that choice?

Trust is the key to letting go of fear, guilt, and pain through forgiveness, and surrendering the worldly "identity" to the Spirit and the Spirit's Light is the opposite to protecting and defending the body "identity. Anger and guilt will shift from scene to scene, place to place, until its source is unveiled and forgiven inside of us. Until there is forgiveness, the blame game, finger-pointing, and distractions to forget the pain are but follies a deceived mind plays with to stay in denial. Once anger and guilt are seen as unjustified, they can be released forever. The lures of the world glimmer and tempt toward a "better life" of more status, more money, more power, more recognition, and more sex appeal. But once these "gifts" are seen to be fool's gold, the underlying illusion of the world ego is unveiled. As long as one gives faith to the ego, one will seem to be a pawn in the ego's game and world.

When you love something or someone, you are inclined to believe that you are the sole owner of that love. For we believe that our love is the truest of all and no other love can match up to what we intend to impose on others. There is a certain credibility to this aspect.
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Live. Love. Let Go.

What does it mean to be recovered? This is the ultimate question, right? When one suffers from an eating disorder, we tend to think in rigid ways; everything in our worlds is black and white, all or nothing, this or that, etc. But, what if we were to stop that unattainable train of thoughts? We tend to think that our recovery stories need to have a beginning, a middle, and that perfect happy ending where we fly off into wonderland and scream freedom. But, what if we take that narrowed and perfectionistic thinking, and turn it into something more infinite and flexible?

My project for the last 7 years has been working on an approach to death and dying in an attempt to help patients and their families in ways that I just could not accomplish in an office visit. My experience includes not only 25 years of clinical experience, but I have also buried both parents from cancer, been a burn ward patient, and halfway into the project I received my own terminal diagnosis of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Thank you Dr. Abshire and God bless you. An independent physician, which means we are able to cross hospital service boundaries and send our patients for testing, referrals or services that are in the best interests of our patients. James Abshire worked his way through school flipping hamburgers, tossing pizzas and selling vacuum cleaners door-to door. With money tight, he has experienced having to collect cans to be able to eat.


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    Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. James K. Abshire received his B.S. in Chemistry and B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and was a.

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