Self love books by black authors

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self love books by black authors

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Published 12.06.2019

5 Books Every Black Person Should Read

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When it comes to dealing with mental health, personal growth, aging, and life, in general, we need to take an active role. Sneak in some self-care this year with one these self-care books written by black women guaranteed to help you live your most authentic self. Self-care is an important part of our health and well being. So today, in celebration of black history month here are some curated list of self-care books by black authors. A few are popular self-help books while others are not well known. There you have it 8 self-care books to jumpstart your new year goals of living your best life and kicking the new year off on a positive note. Kira is the founder of award-winning lifestyle blog focused on family, tech, fashion, beauty, food, fitness, and travel.

The following books by black authors in alphabetical order by title were published last year and fall under a wide range of genres. In addition to making great gifts, these must-reads should be added to your list of books to dive into if you have not yet had the pleasure of reading them yet. Prepare to be moved at a soul level and have tissues nearby. Author Akwaeke Emezi is a talented millennial Nigerian fiction writer and artist with a graduate degree from New York University. In his hilarious yet soul-shaking truth-telling book, Hughley touches on politics, race, and life as a black American as only he can. Even when we had a black president!

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Despite being disrespected, neglected and stereotyped for so long, Black women from all walks of life continue to show society that they will not be labeled, but instead, write their own narratives of their lives. These 10 inspirational books by Black women, all recent releases and both memoirs and non-fiction self-help, not only inspire us to be great, but to also embrace ourselves for all we are and all we can be. The experience of a Black woman is a complex one, but these books aim to make that journey a bit easier. In her memoir, The Last Black Unicorn , Haddish shares many stories of her not-so-easy upbringing and shows us all that the opportunity to obtain success has nothing to do with your background. Starting from foster homes and eventually making it to every red carpet, Haddish encourages us all to follow our dreams, never forget where you came from and to always be your authentic self. Relationship woes?

Contrary to popular belief, spending time on you isn't selfish. It's necessary. If you're guilty of constantly thinking not-so-happy thoughts or being there for everyone except yourself, the following self-love books will teach you to actually relax , practice self-care , and brighten your mindset. Written by life coaches, best-selling authors, and badass celebrities, these confidence-boosting reads will show you how to love yourself. They're almos t like having your own personal Oprah at the ready. This book literally has "self-love" in the title, so you know it's good.

I get my reading fix in during my hour commute to work and my hour and fifteen commute from work. That said, here are some of the best self-improvement books for black women! What I learned about myself is books are a major part of my self-care ritual and a fundamental way of how I relate to the world. It is also how I show my love, career, and concern for my fellow sistergirl. If you speak to me, you will always leave with at least two book recommendations.


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