My jihad my way of peace

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my jihad my way of peace

My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahids Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Ladens Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA by Aukai Collins

Its really hard to review this book accurately. From my perspective, I see Collins conversion and then submersion into fundamentalist Islam as obvious: an abused child from a chaotic, broken home, no father, empty and lacking in a path or life goals- a common story with an uncommon reaction from an American(to turn to Islam, as opposed to Jesus,) that is simultaneously entirely predictable. In fundamentalist faith, you are given the ultimate father, strict rules, and big expectations. The suddenly aimless life is replaced by not only a big love, but a mission, and a duty to pick up arms.

While I find his sense of duty admirable, and his jihad service mostly noble (Chechnya, etc.) it saddens me that he is willing to subjugate women in the name of his faith, when he has been raised in a culture that has grown away from such abhorrent behavior. Collins now has a daughter, and I hope as she grows he will learn to treat women appropriately.

I truly feel that this book taught me more about Islamic fundamentalism, mujaheddin, and jihad than I knew before. It is definitely a 180 from the propaganda that we hear about in the papers, and from the experience of boots on the ground, an American Mujaheddin was not fighting to topple America, but training with Al Qeda to learn tactics for fighting real revolutionary struggles. I will forever respect and appreciate this book for enlightening me to the depths of these issues that are portrayed so one dimensionally in our media. In the end, the Islamic fighters are just as duped and misguided as our Rick Warren/James Dobson Christian soldiers.
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O n 22 March , Loubna Lafquiri left her home in Molenbeek, Brussels , dropped off her three young sons and took the metro to neighbouring Schaerbeek, where the year-old worked as a PE teacher. Her husband, Mohamed, a metro driver, had the day off and stayed at home. He was woken later that morning by a friend asking if he had heard from Loubna and explaining that there had been terrorist attacks at the airport and in the metro.
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How do we react to a crisis? Do we let life destroy us, or can we find a way to turn even the most devastating circumstances into something that can somehow serve the greater good for the long term? He quickly learned that more than 50 people participants, had already discovered they had lost family members, friends and loved ones, as well as a few who lost their entire business at the top of the World Trade Center that morning. They discovered they shared the same love and the same pain. He and the Jewish man, Bernie, also created a discussion group on religious tolerance. Over the past ten years, the Tony Robbins video of that training session has been used around the world as leadership training—from youth leaders in the Middle East to diverse organizations in all parts of the world—dedicated to bringing about positive global change. You must be logged in to post a comment.

He was a brawny, blue-eyed, Irish-American religious convert who became a holy warrior in the name of Islam -- until the holy war began to change. Aukai Collins grew up hard: abandoned, surviving in the streets and running with thugs. While serving time, he converted to Islam, and went to fight with the Muslims who were targeted for genocide in Chechnya and Bosnia. This led him to Usama bin Laden's training camps in Afghanistan. As terrorist attacks on civilians around the world intensified, Aukai was asked to lead a mission that included hostage taking and the killing of civilians -- something he would not do.

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My Jihad: One American's Journey Through the World of Usama [Aukai Collins] are looking at ways to correct the many glaring faults that the writer points out.
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Just look at the bus campaign launched almost five years ago now in Chicago. The CAIR chapter in the Windy City fought hate and ignorance regarding jihad with some eye-opening and very relatable struggles plastered to the sides of buses. The movement continued online with the hashtag MyJihad that people are still contributing to today, all with the hope of helping people see how everyday Muslims understand jihad.

Reader comments are listed below. Comments are currently closed and new comments are no longer being accepted. But when you look at the awful things that have been done, are being done and probably will be done in their names you will forgive me for doubting their total commitment to peace, love and mutual toleration. There are verses in the Koran that are anything but peaceful and tolerant, and those are the ones the Wahabbis and other Salafists and the like and promote. Likewise, Christian fundamentalists often choose the most narrow and "unChristian" parts of the Old Testament to be the basis of their actions.


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