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profile 1 4 human design

Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be by Chetan Parkyn

Introducing Human Design, the revolutionary system that reveals the personality ‘blueprint’ of who you were born to be. Using the precise details of your birth, its more accurate than astrology. And by downloading the free software, you can map your own life chart, and those of your friends and family. Youll never read your horoscope again.

Forget your sign, what’s your design?

Would you like to know how to make the best decisions and follow your correct path in life?

Would you like to know how you best interact with people, both professionally and personally?

Would you like to know who you really are?

Human Design is an exciting new profiling system that answers all these questions by pinpointing your personality blueprint. According to Human Design, we are each born with an inbuilt individuality as unique as our fingerprint - accessed simply from the date, time and location of our birth.

Using this information, Human Design produces a life chart, revealing a remarkably detailed and accurate picture of your personality blueprint, including your strengths and limitations, people you work best with, how you communicate - in short who you were designed to be from birth.

Chetan Parkyn, an ex-mechanical engineer, is the most successful practitioner of Human Design in the world. Here he launches his first book , and offers free downloadable software, as an introductory guide to interpreting your Human Design chart and how to apply it to your life to release your true potential. Once you know which of the 5 personality types you are, from there you can discover your detailed personality blueprint including:

• whether you are designed with creative or organisational energy
• your style of decision-making and how it can maximise your opportunities
• how you interact with people socially or fit into a team at work
• are you designed to be a guider or a follower
• how you emotionally and mentally respond to challenges and problem-solving

The power of the Human Design system is surprising thousands of people around the world with its staggering accuracy and relevance, and asks the question: Are you living your Human Design?
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Join Ra as he examines the 1/4 investigating opportunist. The 1st line investigator is . Profile is a basic component of Human Design. It can be seen as the.
Chetan Parkyn

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For these personalities to function they require a foundational basis which they can rely on as they extend themselves outward to others. The difference in these two lines is the the orientation. The 1st line is oriented toward an inward foundation of information, while the 4th line is oriented toward the outward foundation of key aspects of life. The 1st line is also known as the investigator. The investigator is driven to know detail.

While the 1st line is making sure its foundation is solid, the 4th line is waiting for the right opportunity to share with others. Here to have great influence and impact on people within their network. The 1st line investigator is making sure the foundation is solid. The unconscious 4th line is waiting for the right opportunity to externalize their foundation, so they can be of influence and impact people that are within their network. As with all our products, this purchase comes with an unconditional ten-day money-back guarantee. Our goal is to guide you in your journey. Please review our return policy terms and conditions for more information, or contact us by writing to office jovianarchive.

The Human Design System. 1/4 Profile. You are encoded with a certain " geometry", a certain pattern, which represents your inherent structure / pattern.
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Kumud Kabir, accredited Human Design Analyst & Teacher

While preparing for this article I experienced a very important lesson about the profiles when it comes to the not-self strategy. I witnessed myself as the fears of my openness created strategies to cope with what I am not, instead of allowing what I am. It was cutting off my circulation and this restriction felt really uncomfortable. Does it feel good on your physical body? Are you glowing or restricted? Relaxing into your innate costume is a breath of fresh air.

A Human Design chart. A design chart is drawn up from your birth data. What emerges is a genetic map, a blueprint for your life journey. A reading of your design provides considerable detail about your true potential and unique place in the scheme of things. A Human Design chart looks like the illustration. We each have a unique design, just as we have a unique fingerprint. The premise of the system is that the universe has given you a design, because it needs you that way.


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