Nikola tesla biography early life

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nikola tesla biography early life

My Inventions by Nikola Tesla

This important title is the autobiography of Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla appropriately titled his work on his life, My Inventions, as he was one of the most important inventors and scientists in history. The book touches on his life and career, his first inventions, discovering the magnetic field, tesla coil and transformer and the manifying transmitter. There is also a chapter on the art of teleautomatics. This book should be read by anybody interested in the life of this important inventor and scientist and his important discoveries which have revolutionized the world.
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WESTINGHOUSE (Full Documentary) - The Powerhouse Struggle of Patents & Business with Nikola Tesla

It's a good time to celebrate the life of the Serbian-American engineer and physicist: Without Tesla, you might not be able to affordably power your home, let alone read this sentence. Tesla filed more than patents during his 86 years of life, and his inventions helped pave the way for alternating current AC , electric motors, radios, fluorescent lights, lasers, and remote controls, among many other things.
Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

The match for each, of course, is Tesla. Most people have heard his name, but few know much about his place in modern science and technology. During his teen years, he fell seriously ill, recovering once his father abandoned his demand that Nikola become a priest and agreed he could attend engineering school instead. Wishing to meet Edison himself, Tesla immigrated to the U. Having achieved the feat, Tesla said he was then told that the offer had just been a joke, and he left the company after six months. He filed a number of electrical patents, which he assigned to the company. In , Tesla met two investors who agreed to back the formation of the Tesla Electric Company.

Serbian-American engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla made dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electric power. He invented the first alternating current AC motor and developed AC generation and transmission technology. Though he was famous and respected, he was never able to translate his copious inventions into long-term financial success—unlike his early employer and chief rival, Thomas Edison. The shock of the loss unsettled the 7-year-old Tesla, who reported seeing visions—the first signs of his lifelong mental illnesses. Tesla studied math and physics at the Technical University of Graz and philosophy at the University of Prague. In , while on a walk, he came up with the idea for a brushless AC motor, making the first sketches of its rotating electromagnets in the sand of the path.

Born and raised in the Austrian Empire, Tesla studied engineering and physics in the s without receiving a degree, and gained practical experience in the early s working in telephony and at Continental Edison in the new electric power industry. He emigrated in to the United States, where he would become a naturalized citizen. With the help of partners to finance and market his ideas, Tesla set up laboratories and companies in New York to develop a range of electrical and mechanical devices. His alternating current AC induction motor and related polyphase AC patents, licensed by Westinghouse Electric in , earned him a considerable amount of money and became the cornerstone of the polyphase system which that company would eventually market. He also built a wireless-controlled boat, one of the first ever exhibited.

The eccentric inventor and modern Prometheus died 75 years ago, after a rags-to-riches to rags life

He also developed the three-phase system of electric power transmission. He immigrated to the United States in and sold the patent rights to his system of alternating-current dynamos, transformers, and motors to George Westinghouse.

His father Milutin, and his mother Djuka, were both Serbian by origin. Tesla's father was a stern but loving Orthodox priest, who was also a gifted writer and poet. At a young age, Tesla immersed himself in his father's library. Tesla's mother was a hard working woman of many talents who created appliances to help with home and farm responsibilities. One of these was a mechanical eggbeater.

Nikola Tesla symbolizes a unifying force and inspiration for all nations in the name of peace and science. He was a true visionary far ahead of his contemporaries in the field of scientific development. Many United States Congressmen gave speeches in the House of Representatives on July 10, celebrating the th anniversary of scientist-inventor Nikola Tesla. There is a large photo of Tesla in the Statue of Liberty Museum. The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey has a daily science demonstration of the Tesla Coil creating a million volts of electricity before the spectators eyes. His father, Milutin Tesla was a Serbian Orthodox Priest and his mother Djuka Mandic was an inventor in her own right of household appliances. At first, he intended to specialize in physics and mathematics, but soon he became fascinated with electricity.


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