Army vs navy football game 2013

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army vs navy football game 2013

A Civil War: Army vs. Navy - A Year Inside College Footballs Purest Rivalry by John Feinstein

I have a life goal, dear readers. Its not a very realistic life goal, but its a life goal all the same: some day Id love to read a book by John Feinstein -- on any subject! I will read the fucking golf books if I have to! -- in which he does not suck Coach Ks dick in print. I thought A Civil War was it; I was in the 90s, page number wise, and I hadnt seen a single mention of Ol Rat Face, and I was starting to relax, and then boom! I turned the page, and there, right on page 98, was three whole paragraphs about The Man Himself. Way to not show your bias, John Feinstein. Two thumbs up.

Despite that, and despite the fact that it took me six weeks to read this book, it was an enjoyable book. Feinstein has a knack for finding the most interesting people stories and building his books around them, and he didnt fail in this one -- the cadets and mids he chose to follow were real people to me by the end of the first chapter, and I followed the exploits of both teams with great interest.

Particularly interesting to me was the time Feinstein spends talking about how different it is for athletes at the military academies, than at normal straight-up Division 1 schools. A fact little known by the internet is that I worked in collegiate recruiting for three years, on the private sector end of things, and that job left me with a real clear picture of both the recruiting process and the realities of student athletes on all levels, not just Division 1, and Feinstein just corroborates what I was pretty sure I already knew: recruiting a good team to compete at D1 at a military academy is one of the hardest jobs in the country. Harder than recruiting D2, even, because if youre a D2 coach and youre lucky, youre working with a private firm to connect with athletes, and the athletes are educated and they know point-blank theyre not good enough to even play at a minor D1 school. D2 gets you an education thats paid for, and you might not get to play on TV but you get to keep playing for another four years, and thats all that matters to a lot of kids.

But the military academies -- you might be on TV, you get to play big-name schools, but youre still at a military academy and thats still harder than anything that goes on at a low D1 or D2 or D3 school. Feinstein doesnt sugar coat it, and the thread of difficulty running through the book really made it work for me at an even higher level. I felt for these kids, I felt for these coaches, and by the time that Feinstein got to the actual Army/Navy (listed alphabetically, though apparently Navy always says Navy/Army) game, I was genuinely heartbroken that both teams couldnt manage to win it. Feinstein pulls out all the stops in telling the story of that game, and combined with all the struggles earlier in the book and the genuine difficulty that comes with recruiting and/or playing for a military academy, I will freely admit it: I cried at the end of this book.

Its a good read; it might very well be Feinsteins best book, though I will admit bias because his backhanded portrayal of Dean Smith in A March To Madness always pisses me off, and its been years since I read A Season On The Brink. I certainly enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I liked The Last Amateurs. Worth a read, especially if youre interested in the technical side of collegiate recruiting.

And if youre a big girl, like me, pack tissues. Its a weeper.
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2013 Army vs. Navy

Army vs. Navy 2014: 5 things you might not know about the rivalry

The th edition of the tradition features two of the nation's best rushing attacks. The Black Knights have the land's second-best rushing attack with an average of Navy has dominated this series in recent years, winning the last 11 contests. That said, the Black Knights enter Saturday's bout well equipped to turn things around. As is the case each year, the spectacle featuring an inter-service rivalry will be decided by a few key players. Defenses know Army is going to come out and run the ball. Junior quarterback Angel Santiago has simply been ineffective this year as he has completed just

Kickoff is set for pm. Navy has won the trophy 13 times overall.
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Military Academy Black Knights, the U. Naval Academy Midshipmen, and the U. Air Force Academy Falcons. The winning team of the series is invited to the White House to meet the president and has bragging rights among the service academies for the next year. Most people know about the pageantry and tradition of the Army — Navy game , which recently has not been much of a rivalry with Navy currently owning a game winning streak in the storied series. While conventional wisdom says the Army — Navy game is here to stay as the premier service academy football rivalry, here are four reasons why the Air Force Falcons vs. Navy Midshipmen game is probably a better overall contest and rivalry.


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