How to entertain a rat

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how to entertain a rat

Rat Life by Tedd Arnold

The dead body found in the Chemanga River has nothing to do with Todd. Hes been busy making beds at the family motel and writing alien stories to entertain his friends. Sure, a murder is big news, but what would really interest him? A paying job and a story line free of UFOs and poop jokes. And then he meets Rat. Just a little older than Todd, Rats already been to Vietnam and back. Hes got a tattoo and a messed-up family life. And when he offers Todd a gig at the drive-in theater, Todd takes it. After all, it pays actual money. But hanging out with Rat leads to a host of strange experiences and perplexing questions. More and more, that corpse from the river is on Todds mind, and no matter how he shifts the pieces around, Rat is always part of the puzzle.
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How To Calm My Rat, This is The Only Music That Works With Stressed, Anxious Rats and Mice 14 Hours!

Rats are curious creatures which makes them awesome pets, but also means they can get bored easily. Try these fun ideas to entertain your.
Tedd Arnold

Homemade Toys for Pet Rats

Despite the bad rap they sometimes get, rats make wonderful pets. Set up a maze or obstacle course to give your rat some exercise, or leave small objects like ball feeders and paper shreds within reach for it to busy itself with. Make sure your rat gets some time outside of its cage to cuddle, socialize, or simply roam free in a confined area, as well. She graduated from the University of Glasgow in with a degree in veterinary medicine and surgery. She has worked at the same animal clinic in her hometown for over 20 years.

Rats are immensely curious creatures. They are interested in everything and very intelligent. That makes them awesome pets, but also means they can get bored easily. One of our jobs as rat owners is to keep those little furry brains entertained. However, many people will only be able to play with their rats for an hour or two a day. Most rats spend most of their time in their cage.

Bonding Games

Most pet rats and mice spend their whole life within their enclosure or their rat cages. While you think it is good for them to keep them safe from the outside world, there are also some psychological and mental effects to them for being kept inside the cage all the time. They need to experience a lot of things for them to be happy all the time within the comfort of their own enclosures. Here are some things you can do to make rats and mice happy. Rats and mice are extremely social creatures and usually prefers to be with the same species as them.


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    Rats enjoy playing games with other rats, with toys and with people.

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    Are your rats in need of some entertainment?

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    Pet rats are intelligent and playful.

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    Games to Play With Rats | Animals -

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