How did st margaret of scotland became a saint

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how did st margaret of scotland became a saint

Life of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland by Turgot of Durham

This is a short book and gives few details of Margarets life, but it is significant in that it was written by Bishop Turgot whose life overlapped with Margarets and who spoke of her from personal knowledge. The story was was recorded at the request of Margarets daughter, Matilda, who was then (per the author) the queen of the English.

The bishop describes Margarets pious devotion to God and her charitable acts to the poor who came to her at Dunfermline. Malcolm joined in her kindnesses to the poor, giving alms and feeding them, even washing their feet. It also tells of her instruction to her children to fear God and to love each other.

Little of her relationship with Malcolm is spoken of except that the king, quite taken with Margaret at their first encounter, persuaded her brother Edgar Atheling (rightful heir to the throne of England) to give her to Malcolm when she would have preferred the church.

She had great influence on Malcolm in matters of faith and bringing the Scottish church closer to Rome. She was highly intelligent and held councils with men of the church to debate issues. And Malcolm apparently treasured that which she valued and, though he was illiterate, would touch her book of the Gospels and had it encased in gold and decorated with jewels, which pleased her.

I would rate it 3 stars but for it being a first hand account which has immeasurable value.
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St. Margaret of Scotland HD

Margaret of Scotland , wife of the Scottish king Malcolm III , introduced important religious reforms into Scotland and was a civilizing agent in the social life of that country.
Turgot of Durham

St Margaret

Post by Franciscan Media. Margaret of Scotland was a truly liberated woman in the sense that she was free to be herself. For her, that meant freedom to love God and serve others. She spent much of her youth in the court of her great-uncle, the English king, Edward the Confessor. Her family fled from William the Conqueror and was shipwrecked off the coast of Scotland. King Malcolm befriended them and was captivated by the beautiful, gracious Margaret. They were married at the castle of Dunfermline in

Saint Margaret of Scotland lived from to 16 November She was probably born in what is now Hungary, and her grandfather on her mother's side was thought to have been Yaroslav I the Wise, Prince of Novgorod and Kiev. The wider picture in Scotland at the time is set out in our Historical Timeline. Margaret's great-uncle was King Edward the Confessor of England. When King Harold was killed by the Normans at the Battle of Hastings in , Margaret's brother Edgar Atheling was regarded by the English as rightful heir to the throne.

Margaret was sometimes called "The Pearl of Scotland". Margaret and her family returned to the Kingdom of England in , but fled to the Kingdom of Scotland following the Norman conquest of England in She was a very pious Roman Catholic , and among many charitable works she established a ferry across the Firth of Forth in Scotland for pilgrims travelling to St Andrews in Fife , which gave the towns of South Queensferry and North Queensferry their names. Margaret was the mother of three kings of Scotland, or four, if Edmund of Scotland who ruled with his uncle, Donald III is counted, and of a queen consort of England. According to the Vita S. Margaritae Scotorum Reginae Life of St. Margaret, Queen of the Scots , attributed to Turgot of Durham , she died at Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh , Scotland in , merely days after receiving the news of her husband's death in battle.

Jump to navigation. Margaret, the Saxon princess who was to become Queen of Scotland and a canonised saint, was born in Saxon Kings to a man.
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Her siblings, Cristina and Edgar the Atheling were also born in Hungary around this time. Margaret and her family returned to England when she was years-old and her father was called back as a potential successor to the throne. However, Edward died immediately after the family arrived, but Margaret and Edgar continued to reside at the English court. Margaret's family fled from William the Conqueror after his victory at the Battle of Hastings in Her widowed mother set out to take her children north to Northumbria. Tradition says, Agatha decided to leave Northumbria and return to the continent, but her family's ship got caught in a storm.

Saint Margaret of Scotland , born c. Margaret was brought up at the Hungarian court, where her father, Edward, was in exile. Her brother Edgar the Aetheling , defeated claimant to the English throne, joined her there. In spite of her leanings toward a religious life, Margaret married c. Through her influence over her husband and his court, she promoted, in conformity with the Gregorian reform, the interests of the church and of the English population conquered by the Scots in the previous century. She died shortly after her husband was slain near Alnwick, Northumberland. Saint Margaret of Scotland.


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