How to become vegan in college

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how to become vegan in college

The College Vegan Cookbook: 145 Affordable, Healthy & Delicious Plant-Based Recipes by Heather Nicholds

Cooking space, prep time, ingredient stocking, cost… it can be hard being a vegan in college. The College Vegan Cookbook makes it easy for you to ace your diet―even in the dorms―with simple, healthy, and fresh vegan dishes.

Forget about fake meat. This vegan cookbook features 145 modern, whole food recipes designed with college life in mind. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a full kitchen or you’re stuck with a hot plate on your dresser, The College Vegan Cookbook will have you preparing affordable vegan meals you’ll love.

The College Vegan Cookbook includes:

WHOLE FOODS, GREAT TASTES―Create delicious vegan plates using real ingredients―not processed substitutes.
145 FAST AND EASY MEALS―Choose from simple and tasty recipes, including Blueberry Oat Muffins, Ramen Noodle Bowls, Barbecue Cauliflower Wings, and Microwave Brownie Mug Cakes.
VEGAN ON A BUDGET―This vegan cookbook makes your money go further with serving costs for every recipe, plus tips like supplementing your pantry from the cafeteria.
When it comes to great ideas for plant-based meals, The College Vegan Cookbook makes the grade.
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How to Be a Healthy Vegan in College (plus a grocery list!)

This name hasn't caught on yet, not because it's not catchy, but because I did in fact decided to go vegan this past summer. It's just horribly ironic that it rhymes with my name, given the lack of understanding my parents have in regards to my change of diet. There may be lots of reason you're reading this, maybe you want to give veganism a try, maybe you're vegan or vegetarian already, maybe it's for a nutrition class, maybe you're just curious or want to make fun of vegans… which's totally okay. I know I did. My friend in Colorado went vegan a while back and I made fun of her constantly. Who would've thought… a year later we would be chatting about environmental issues over homemade hummus. Not only in the sense, that you're picking up and moving every few months and learning new material from different professors every fifteen weeks, but also in a more complex sense of forming a self-identity and lifestyle.

The past years of school have probably not been easy and now begins a new chapter in your life — maybe, it has already begun. A lot of things will get easier now because you get to decide for yourself how you want to spend your day, your money, and your energy. Over the past few years, the number of vegans has been rising. Especially well-educated people are making the connection — so far, there are about 8 million Americans who eat a vegan or plant-based diet. So being vegan in college might be the perfect time and place - it's on the rise, it's cheap, and you're getting so much out of it. Let me explain.

To combat this need to eat, I suggest stocking up on protein-filled snacks that will keep you fuller longer and reduce overeating. Try making salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas , grabbing a protein bar, or indulging with some nut mixes. If you happen to be allergic to nuts, like I am, you can substitute hard-boiled eggs or a lentil mix. Indian, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern-themed restaurants will probably always have a great vegetarian option , whether it be a box of samosas or a delicious and crunchy falafel wrap. These foods are also typically high in protein and vitamins , since they are designed to be daily foods eaten by people from the respective cultures. Over time, I realized that by mixing food items from different stations , I had such a wide variety of options!

Being Vegan in College

Nutritious vegan options are becoming more prevalent in college dining halls - yay! - College is the perfect time and place to study hard, meet lifelong friends, and become exposed to a wide range of ideas and lifestyles, so it's not a surprise that many students decide to go vegan or vegetarian during this time. The underlying motivations for choosing a plant-based diet may vary from person to person, but the majority of vegans will face certain common problems at one point or another.

No matter where you go to college, you will have an easy time following a vegan diet. But there are certainly numerous ways to optimize the experience. In fact, tens of thousands of people every year successfully become vegan in college. Making the transition on campus is often as easy as can be, especially with the help of this guide. The best way to ensure you have abundant dining options in college starts before you select a school. Many schools require their underclassmen first and second year students to join the meal plan. Not all colleges require their underclassmen to sign up for a meal plan.


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    5 Steps for Being Vegan in College​

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