How to find a hobby quiz

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how to find a hobby quiz

Get a Hobby!: 101 All-Consuming Diversions for Any Lifestyle by Tina Barseghian

Is your daily grind taking the joy out of life? Dont get glum--get a hobby!

In this entertaining, information-packed guide, journalist and ReadyMade contributing editor Tina Barseghian invites you to explore 101 thoroughly absorbing diversions, from conventional to downright wacky, thatll satisfy every taste, talent, and timetable. The bonus: Practicing a hobby boosts your all-around mental and physical health, as longtime family practitioner Dr. Miguel Figueroa reveals in the Foreword.

Are you an independent, nature-loving, outdoorsy type? Consider beachcombing, caving, or mushroom hunting. Crafty, meticulous, and patient? You might enjoy needlework, knotting, or growing bonsai. Just take the personality quiz to identify those hobbies that best match your aptitude, interests, and even your mood, then its on to the hobbies. Each hobby entry provides a playful mix of information: overviews, histories, and sample projects to help you get your hobby on, plus profiles of dedicated hobbyists and resources thatll help take you to the next level. Get a Hobby! might just be the inspiration youve been looking for.
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There really is something out there for everyone! You can get really lost in creation.
Tina Barseghian

What Hobby Should You Have?

There are many advantages to having a diversion in your life. A hobby gives you time to relax which can, in turn, reduce your stress level. A physical one involves exercise that will release endorphins to boost your mood and mental faculties. It can also help you find new skills and uncover hidden talents. If you are considering a career move, participating in a hobby related to a new field can help prepare you and let you know if you're well-suited for that job. You may also meet new friends, keep your brain sharp, or make some extra money on the side. For some, finding a hobby is a natural and easy process.

No more Netflix and chill.
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What's The Best Hobby For You?

Have you ever wanted to have a hobby but couldn't decide on one? Take this quiz to find a hobby that is perfectly suited to you and your interests. Answer thoughtfully and honestly for the best result. If you don't like the first hobby you get, see what the second and third recommended hobbies are. Maybe you will like them more.

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    What Hobby Should You Have?

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