Not your day to die

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not your day to die

Not A Good Day To Die: The Untold Story of Operation Anaconda by Sean Naylor

Too many Chiefs...

And definitely, due to micro-management of the battlefield, not enough of our Indians. Not a Good Day to Die, by Sean Naylor, is just a terrific battle-book. Its almost overwhelming in detail, but Naylor is a fine writer taking you, with effective prose, to the mountains of Afghanistan. You as a reader are there as an Al Queda warrior studies mysterious ATV tracks in the mud while nearby hes being marked by a special ops sniper. You are there on the slopes as a few brave guys, struggling for air in the high altitude, battle an Al Queda bunker complex.

The battle itself was a mess, highlighting all the problems, a lot of them self-inflected, on the modern battle-field. The plan for Anaconda was suspect anyway, with its reliance (due to politics) on Afghan fighters driving, at night with no headlights, down a bad road into enemy country. To some extent Naylor soft-peddles this. But as events turned out this was not an operation killer, as terrific recon work had our forces holding the high ground, while our troops in the Shahikot valley occupied static (but hot) positions. With air strikes taking a toll, the killing time for Al Queda had begun. But military technocrats a thousand miles away (Air Force General Gregory Trebon in particular) wanted a piece of the action. As a result, Americans died due to a series of bone-headed decisions by Trebon and his on the ground man, SEAL Vic Hyder. Dont get me wrong, Anaconda was a victory, but it could of been more. What is amazing is how Naylor is able to plot all of this, the various calls from troops on the ground and in the air, wrong transmissions, screw-ups, heroism, virtually every moment of the battle is there for the reader. What cuts against the effectiveness however is the dizzying use of acronyms - without a good glossary, and what seems to be an incomplete index. For example, the above General Trebon is last referenced on page 94, even though his (notorious) role goes on pretty much until the end of this 377 page book. And after checking out the paperback version, I saw this has still not been corrected. One other caveat, Naylor really seems to have something against the SEALS, who come across as whiney cowboy prima donnas. Im not sure I buy that, it just comes across as something personal and beyond the lines of the story. Finally, as much as you come away disliking Hyder and Trebons roles in all of this, their silence in this account leaves you feeling youve not yet heard the full story - though as it stands now, the indictment is formidable.

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Sean Naylor

What if we knew when and how we'd die?

Life is full of surprises. Life is full of happiness. Strangers helping each other through tough times, friends sharing fun and memorable moments, people working collectively all over the world to make life better little by little. Life is full of sadness. The people you love will suffer and die.

Death is the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living, physical organism. Death may refer to the end of life as either an event or condition. In many cultures and in the arts, death is considered a being or otherwise personified , wherein it is usually capitalized as "Death". The layers of acquired knowledge peel away from the mind like a cosmetic and reveal, in patches, the naked flesh beneath, the authentic being hidden there. And I had already glimpsed him, faint, obscured by their encrustations, but all the more valuable, all the more urgent. I scorned henceforth that secondary, learned being whom education had pasted over him. And I would compare myself to a palimpsest; I shared the thrill of the scholar who beneath more recent script discovers.

A good day to die or today is a good day to die is a phrase historically associated with certain Native American cultures, although it appears to mischaracterize the historical sources, and its actual origin is unclear. The phrase has since been appropriated into other cultural contexts. For example, in the Star Trek franchise, it occurs several times as a Klingon saying, with Star Trek writer Marc Okrand proposing several ways to say the phrase in the Klingon language. This is the first known published use of the phrase. This phrase means, "I am ready for whatever comes. Another author describes it as the ending of a Lakota Sioux prayer. Regarding the war cry "today is a good day to die," most presume the now-popular statement refers to patriotic sentiment.

Throughout my career as a doctor working with patients in hospitals, nursing homes and hospices I have had the opportunity to witness the dying process on many occasions.
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Even a According to some psychologists, this uncomfortable truth constantly lurks in the back of our minds and ultimately drives everything we do, from choosing to attend church, eat vegetables and go to the gym to motivating us to have children, write books and create companies. For healthy people, death usually lurks in the back of our minds, exerting its influence on a subconscious level. What would happen, though, if the ambiguity surrounding our own demise were taken away? What if we all suddenly were told the exact date and means of our deaths?

Happiness 5 comments. Two questions that have the power to transform our lives in the most significant and fundamental ways. Have you really truly realised deep down that some day this life you have is going to be over? Given this we need to love what we do for work as what we do for work is a part of our life. A large one in fact, as it takes up a large proportion of our time.


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