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Once Upon A Time.. by Nick Sharratt

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Published 27.04.2019

Once Upon A Time 7x15 Henry Rogers And Nick Drinks Together - Gretel Talks About Her Brother Scene

Nathan Parsons

As revealed over the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time , Nick Nathan Parsons — otherwise known as Hansel — is the culprit known as the Candy Killer, who has been targeting witches. Next on his list? The hour was directed by Lana Parrilla. Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes photos here. In the meantime, Henry Andrew J.

Parsons will play Nick, a confident and charismatic slacker-turned-successful-lawyer. The actor, whose credits also include True Blood and General Hospital , will first appear in episode , which is slated to air Nov. Once Upon a Time books The Originals star as potential love interest. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Fall TV.

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Currently, in their third year, Boom Kat has been made a resident company of the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica following the success of their third production NeverWonderland. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys dance, rock climbing, hiking, lacrosse, football, soccer, yoga, and scuba diving. Parsons originally auditioned for a different role on General Hospital and was not cast, but the series subsequently created a new character for him.

This article is a second iteration. For the other Jack , see here. For the other Hansel , see here. Hansel's gallery is available here. As children, Hansel and his sister Gretel are kidnapped by a witch , who is confronted by Zelena. When Zelena refuses to help Hansel and Gretel, they manage to escape by themselves and inform their father that Zelena neglected them.


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