Why are traditions important to society

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why are traditions important to society

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Published 26.04.2019

The Importance of Traditions

Jun 30, Traditions Matter. Traditions represent a critical piece of our culture. They help form the structure and foundation of our families and our society.

8 Reasons Why Traditions Are Important

A Special Education professional, behavior coach, writer, freelancer and most importantly a mother making life simple and fab as possible. Right before the holiday, my daughter asked me what traditions were. I thought it was a lesson she had in school. But, it turned out; it was just the buzz word of the season. She has been hearing and reading it everywhere.

Identity and Belonging

It is passed down from generation to general as heritage. In a world that is rapidly-evolving, tradition is essential in keeping us grounded, giving us security in our sense of identity. TS 2: Tradition enables a collective identity to form and therefore provides a sense of social cohesion. Tradition forms invisible bonds within members of the community, hold people with the same background together to pass on cultural values. Propagation of values pass on not only knowledge but also retains relationship among people.

Much like any other holiday or religious observance, Easter brings with it a variety of cultural and familial traditions. Whether it be participating in a neighborhood Easter egg hunt, painting Easter eggs with your family and deliberately sabotaging them so yours turn out better , attending a sunrise service or decorating trees with Easter eggs, it is often these small traditions that create happy and lasting memories, holding a special place in our life as we grow older. Yet, while we tend to welcome and value such traditions, the word "tradition" or "traditional" - removed from a seasonal or celebratory context - tends not to be the most lauded term, particularly in a world that continues to "progress" at an unprecedented speed, with an abundant number of changes, upgrades and "improvements" impressed upon us daily. It seems only natural, then, for questions to arise as to the point of or value of tradition:. These are certainly important questions - and those in which I was inspired to think about after re-reading a book about moral wisdom that I had read several years ago in college. Referring to the Catholic tradition of moral wisdom, author James F.

Every nation and culture on earth has its traditions, that while maintained in the present have their origins in the past. They are all about long established or inherited ways of thinking or acting. The personal emotion invested in any tradition is perhaps the biggest part of their value and that varies from person to person and culture to culture. Traditions are very often the glue that holds a community of people together. If we take the time to celebrate traditions annually then we can as a nation allow ourselves to feel safe and secure, which ironically can also lead to us also becoming vulnerable. A tradition might be about a display of respect, about good manners, which when employed ensures communities are pleasant places to live in.


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