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quiz to ask your mom

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Published 16.04.2019

I Asked My Mom 11 Intimate Questions Before It's Too Late

50 Questions To Ask Your Mom (To Get To Know Her Better)

Mother's Day shouldn't just be about which sibling gets your mom the best present you, obviously , picking out the perfect card , or scoring brunch reservations at the most delicious restaurant in town. Forgive me for sounding corny, but Mother's Day should be more about getting to know your mom and spending time with her than celebrating with material items. Sure, it's nice to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her with a gift you know she'll love and use a lot. But it's even nicer to attempt to get to know her as a real life, actual person. It's easy to see your mom as just your mom , and to forget that she had a life before she even knew you would exist.

I can't imagine the feeling of losing a parent, and I don't even want to. But I observe people as they experience grief, and I wonder how they deal with it. If there is a way to prepare for the grief that comes with the loss of a parent, this may just be the answer: interview your parents before they're gone. We may have memories and moments with our parents that we cherish deeply, but there's a lot that goes unsaid, and a lot that we may wonder down the line. Below are Brendon's 30 questions. Of course, you can conjure up your own questions, and pry when one of the answers intrigues you.

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33 Deep Questions to Ask Your Parents

It was another reminder that before she was my mom, she was a person with her own life and set of experiences that had nothing to do with me or my siblings. Below is a list of things you may not have asked your mom , but should. The answers to these questions will help you know her more deeply and hopefully give you a better sense of her past, her life experiences and who she really is. How many serious relationships were you in before you settled down if you did? What were they like? How have your notions of what it means to be a woman changed over your lifetime?


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