Three arms of government australia

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three arms of government australia

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Published 16.04.2019

Three Co-Equal Branches of Government?

What Type of Government Does Australia Have?

The Government of Australia is the government of the Commonwealth of Australia , a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The legislature, also known as the Parliament of Australia, or simply Parliament, is made up of democratically-elected representatives from around Australia. These representatives meet at Parliament House in Canberra to discuss legislation and make laws for the benefit of the nation. The issues that they can make laws on are defined by sections 51 and of the Constitution. The Parliament of the Commonwealth comprises two separate chambers: the House of Representatives or 'the lower house' the Senate or 'the upper house' The House of Representatives has members, each representing a different area of the country 'electorate'.

Australia has three levels of law-making — often referred to as the three levels of government — that work together to provide Australians with the services they need. Australia has one federal Parliament, six state and two territory parliaments, and over local councils. Three levels of law-making in Australia. Parliaments and councils make laws; governments put these laws into action. All levels of government raise money, through collecting taxes, to pay for services provided to Australians. Section 51 of the Australian Constitution details the powers of the federal Parliament to make laws in relation to national matters.

Australia's formal name is the Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is both a representative democracy and a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as Australia's head of state.
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The Australian Constitution is the set of rules by which Australia is run. The first three chapters of the Constitution define three largely separate groups — the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary — and the roles they play in Australian governance. The power to make and manage federal law is divided between these three groups. This division is based on the principle of the 'separation of powers'. Under this principle, the power to govern should be distributed between the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary to avoid one group having all the power. Each group should work within defined areas of responsibility so that each keeps a check on the actions of the others. Australia does not have a complete separation of powers because some of the roles of the Parliament, the Executive and the Judiciary overlap.

Under Australia's federal system, powers are divided between a central government and individual states. The Australian Federal Government is divided into three arms: legislature, executive and judiciary. So, how does it all work? For more Settlement Guide stories, please visit:. Skip to content Primary Navigation Show menu Hide menu. Radio Program Podcast. Coming Up Live in.


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    SBS Language | How Does Australian Government Work?

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    The Australian Coat of Arms signifies the national unity of Australia and is a sign of its Political theory recognises three powers of government—the legislative.

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    Separation of Powers: Parliament, Executive and Judiciary

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