Child chimney sweeps in victorian times

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child chimney sweeps in victorian times

The Sweeps Boy: A Victorian Boy, London, 1870 by Jim Eldridge

This was a sad story pretty much throughout as you’d of expected I guess by the fact that it is about a sweeps boy in Victorian times but still it was so very sad.

Will a 9 year old orphan who lived in a horrific infant orphan asylum where he and other children were attained daily by the master of the place who wanted on,y the money the children would give him or him second in command a teenager who used to be one of them. One day he has his life turned around as he is spotted escaping by a chimney sweep who likes how he can climb anything safely and quickly and gives him a job working with him as a sweeps boy, helping to clean out the chimneys for all the rich houses. As his friend t the pub spots him it gets him involved with even more dangerous work using his skills for his use only and lands in prison. Though he makes an escape climbing his way out and receives the help of a kind lady finds a new family a group of runaway children who earn their own money by working. He has a settled life with these new friends until everything is turned around at the death of a friend. As a plan of his goes awry he hides himself away until a helpful and kind human saves him giving him his best chance at life.

I really enjoyed this book, it taught me so much that I wasn’t aware of from this era and it really felt like I was with him the whole time, through all the bad and scary and sad times this poor boy had gone through. I really loved the ending, it was so prefect and he so deserved what he had, they all did.
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Chimney Sweep / Climbing Boy (Worst Jobs in History)

Did you know that there's a terrible chapter in the history of chimney sweeps? Children were widely used as human chimney sweeps in England for about .
Jim Eldridge

The Poor Life of An Apprentice Chimney Sweep - The History of Children at Work

These children were subjected to horrible conditions as young chimney sweeps. When you get your chimney cleaned by a professional chimney sweep , special tools are used which are proven to be effective. There was a time in history, however, in which the job of cleaning a chimney was carried out by a child who would climb the chimney while holding a brush over his head. The soot would fall down over the child and down to the bottom of the fireplace. The child would then slide back down the chimney, collect the soot, and hand it over to the master sweep, who, in effect, owned him. Small boys, usually 6 years of age, were purchased from their poverty stricken parents by a master sweep.

Apprenticeships, which allowed children to be trained in a trade, and allowed businesses to have cheap labor, were informally practiced throughout history. In Britain and other countries in Europe, legal apprenticeship agreements were being signed by the 15th century, and legal agreements for apprenticeship are still being used today in some places. On the whole, apprenticeships have been very useful when both parties are working together. However, certain trades and certain periods in history have lent themselves to severe abuse of apprenticed children. For apprentice chimney sweeps, the worst abuses occurred in England immediately before and during the Industrial Revolution, and during the Victorian Era, when thousands of people came to the cities seeking work.

There was no such thing as Child Protective services like we have today. There were laws that were passed over a period of several decades that slightly improved the working conditions and treatment of children. Victorian Child Labor was prevalent in the Victorian Era. Here is a list of several types of jobs that children did. As you can see Victorian Child Labor covered a broad spectrum of occupations. To cover all of them in this article would be a monumental task to be sure. However, we will look into some of the more prevalent jobs that children did in Victorian times.

Children could do Chimney sweeping better than adults because they were so small that they could.
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Interesting Facts About Victorian Child Labor

The history of chimney sweeps is, in many ways, the history of London itself. And then there was the actual experience of cleaning, which was often terrifying. Chimney flues were "pitch black, claustrophobic

Young boys worked as chimney sweeps in harsh conditions with no pay under their master sweep. Children were widely used as human chimney sweeps in England for about years, and the lives of these little ones who were forced to climb chimneys were the stuff of nightmares. The prominence of using small children as chimney sweeps began after the Great Fire of London, which occurred September 2nd through 5th, The medieval City of London was gutted in the fire; and afterwards, new building regulations designed to keep the city safer were put in place. Fireplaces had to be built a certain way, with narrower chimneys; and it became more important to ensure that the chimneys were free of obstruction after a liberal amount of usage.


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